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// Trim & Window Tools
Belt Removal Tool
Removes window belt
moldings, foreign and
domestic. Works effectively
with most clips, fasteners and molding assemblies. Insert tool between window glass and door. Engage molding clips with tool blade. Pull up to release each clip and remove molding. Two- composite soft grip handle. Chrome vanadium steel blade.
Windshield Locking Strip Tool
Two double-ended tips (47030
T-shape, 47040 Standard).
Unique design allows tip to
swivel 90° in either direction.
Select tip with opening that
most closely fits locking strip, then feed strip into eyelet.
Windshield Removing Tool
Removes windshields with
ease. Cuts butyl adhesive
caulking compound around
windshields of GM and
Chrysler vehicles. Pull hand
swivels for extra leverage. Tempered steel blade.
5 Piece Wedge Assortment Set
Strong and impact
resistant when used
to pry against trim or
metal body panels.
Used for all types of
trim removal including
side molding, window
trim, door handle trim,
grill trim and bumper
moldings. Made of glass reinforced nylon. Neon orange for visibility.
Window Belt Molding Remover
Quickly removes all window belt
moldings. Slide the powder-
coated tool downward between
the window exterior and the
door. The channel side of the
tool should face the door. When
the tool channel is below the
belt molding, push or pull the
tool upward. The tool quickly
removes the belt molding
without damage to the window
or the molding. Fits most domestic and import vehicles.
Window Holders
Holds door glass while working on window regulator on cars and trucks with a top door frame. To use, loop cable over frame and attach suction cups to each side of glass to secure glass while work is performed.
Windshield Sprayer Nozzle Tool
Makes quick work of
clearing obstructions from
the windshield washer
spray nozzle. Easily pierces
corrosion or removes
blockage. Barrel is knurled
for grip and control. Threaded
end caps keep the needle
points covered when not in use. Pocket clip keeps tool handy.
Windshield Wiper Arm Remover
Removes wiper arms on many foreign and domestic cars and light trucks. Will not damage wiper arm or hood cowling during removal. Simply place puller feet under wiper arm and tighten forcing screw against wiper shaft.
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Door Clip Remover Wedge Felt Tip Wedge
Thin Wedge
Wide Wedge
Angled Wedge
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