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// Release Tools
5 Piece Clip
Lifter Set
For plastic fasteners, plastic clips, upholstery or door panels.
Professional Urethane Cut Out Knife
Extra reach to cut hardened urethane down to the dash
line. Heavy-duty steel and aluminum construction.
Use with standard utility
razor blade. Ergonomic
foam grip cushion-handle. 18” long.
4" Molding Cutter
Delivers quick, clean cuts
on auto trim, belts and
hoses, plastic tubing, rubber,
weather stripping, nylon and
much more! Replaceable
stainless steel blades. Convenient blade storage in the handle; blade tray slips into handle to store extra blades.
3 Piece Lightweight Mini Pry Bar Set, Plastic
Excellent for working on smaller, more delicate jobs. The set provides tools that are ideal for tasks such as dash trim, gaskets and o-rings. Additionally, these bars pry against painted surfaces without scratching. They are so small and diverse that they also work on small jobs such as cell phone screens.
3 Piece Plastic Hook & Pick Set
Ideal for work inside vehicles or in tight spaces. Use these long and thin picks to pick up and pry small pieces by hand. Material will not scratch paint or molding.
HR1121 HR1122 HR1123
MUK277008 MUK277009 MUK277010 MUK277011 MUK277012
Easy Pry
Non-marring wedge has a 1” blade
with a curved clip end that allows
easy access and removal of
plastic bezels, moldings, trim and
panels without scratching the
surface. Great for removing weather-stripping.
Universal Trim Hook Tool
Double-ended trim hook
works on door moldings,
dash trim, and door seals.
Designed to safely pry
small bezel components
from interiors without
damage. Made out of durable plastic.
Right Angle Ratcheting Screwdriver
Easy to remove and install molding around fender wells and other tight places. Fit straight slot or Phillips® bit assemblies, place handle over bit and turn, reverse handle on bit to tighten. Can also be used with 1/4” round shaft screwdriver. Ratcheting action with infinite settings.
5mm Clip Lifter
7mm Clip Lifter
5mm Half-Round Clip Lifter 11mm S-form Clip Lifter 11mm Angled Clip Lifter
Small Plastic Hook Pick/112 Large Plastic Hook Pick/112 Straight Plastic Hook Pick/112
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