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// Radio Antenna Tools
Body Line Marker Tool
Re-create fender curve lines perfectly every time. Makes accurate measurements around wheel opening moldings quickly and easily. Made in the USA.
Ford Radio Removal Tool
Disengages/releases radio retaining clips without damage on Ford vehicles and some Saab, VW, Audi and other import applications. Set of two tools serves as handles for removing the radio from the panel. Also works on some DIN mounting found on import vehicles.
11 Piece Antenna/
Radio Socket Set
Universal antenna wrench. Ford radio removal tool. Deep sockets to remove and install the tamper-proof radio nuts from many GM, Chrysler, and other aftermarket radios. Antenna nut sockets that cover most import and domestic antenna nuts.
HR1351 HR1421 HR1422 HR1423 HR1424 HR1425 HR1426 HR1427 HR1428 HR1429
// Lockout Tools
Clips to any BigEasyTM to allow grabbing of door handles and locks. Glows in the dark.
Self Locking Door Wedge
The washboard design
surface of tool self locks in
door. Will not slide out of
door during unlocking. Great
when inserting inflatable
air wedges. Extra wide for
extra leverage. Use it with
or without an air wedge. Great for window regulator installation. Holds glass steady against window rubber stripping.
Ford Radio Rem (each) Flat Radio Multi Wrench Black Tri Socket, 1/4" Dr.
2 Prong Socket, 1/4" Dr.
2 Prong Socket, 3/8" Dr. 17mm Hex, 4 Prong 30mm 17mm Hex, 4 Prong, 3/8" Dr 3 Prong Socket, 17mm Hex 4 Prong 17mm Hex, 20mm 2 Prong 17mm Hex
                       DOOR & WINDSHIELD
Allows for safe separation of the door frame from the vehicle body to insert a tool and unlock a vehicle.
Super Easy Door Wedge
Insert into the door or window frame to create a controlled opening for a vehicle door. Once inserted the wedge is inflated to the desired size so you can insert the BigEasy Lockout Tool to safely unlock the vehicle. A bigger wedge allows the user to spread
       the force being exerted over a larger
surface area reducing the possibility of damage and provides a bigger opening to maneuver the BigEasyTM lockout tool. Made of ballistic nylon preventing slippage in extreme weather. Dimensions: 9”W x 7”H
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