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Trim & Window Tools // DOOR & WINDSHIELD
Heavy-Duty Windshield Wiper Arm Puller
Designed to remove aluminum arm from
steel stud, which often galvanizes and locks
arm and stud together. Investment cast
design is strong, easier to use - saves time.
Live center end allows for more precise alignment - saves labor. Works on these
and many other vehicles: Jeep Liberty,
Grand Cherokee, Dodge Caravan, Stratus,
Ram Diesels, Dakota, PT Cruiser, Chrysler
LHS, Town & Country, Saturn Vue, Buick Rendevous, Cadillac CTS, Ford Focus, Ford Windstar, Honda Civic, Odyssey and Toyota Camry.
Belt Molding Tool, Small
Unique flared head design and beveled edges allow the tool to be inserted under the molding at an angle. Makes removal
of newer belt moldings easy.
For clipless moldings, the tool is twisted or pulled back to release the molding from the door tab. For moldings with metal clips, hook the tool under each clip and pull up. Quickly removes belt molding without damage. Works on most domestic and import vehicles.
Mirror Removal Wrench
Easily removes mirrors held on by
a spring clip without damage to the
windshield or mirror. Insert the tip
of the tool under the mirror where
it attaches to the windshield. Push
the tool towards the glass and
down to release the mirror from bracket. The coating on the bend helps to protect the windshield. Length: 9.25"
Suction Gun
Ergonomic handle, disengage button, and large rubber suction pad. Produces suction or vacuum that locks in place to create a handle for moving objects like glass and removing taillights. Quick & easy: Simply press rubber against the surface and squeeze the trigger. Comfortable pistol grip handle fits perfect in the hand.
Long Glass Channel Cleaning Tool
Designed to remove broken glass remnants from glass channels in vehicle doors. Hooked tip with rounded end to get inside channel lip without damaging the rubber channel. Overall tool length 22.75" to reach the bottom of the channel on many vehicles.
Plastic Chisel/Scraper Set
Plastic chisels for
removing emblems and
adhesive backed trim
without damaging the
surface. Removes stick-on
weights from aluminum
wheels. Also used to
remove gaskets from
aluminum, without marring. One piece high impact plastic can be used with a hammer and has a molded hand guard. Plastic blade can be re-sharpened as needed. Includes: 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/2” blade widths
LS81210 LS81220 LS81230
3/4" Plastic Chisel Scraper 1" Plastic Chisel Scraper 1-1/2" Plastic Chisel Scraper
         Plastic Lever Scraper Tool
This non-damaging plastic scraper can be used to remove leftover urethane on glass, stickers, last bits of molding
glue, balancing weights, and more.
Molding Remover Set
Quickly removes body moldings. Two spring steel blades, 2” and 3-1/2”,
are included for all sizes of body moldings. Use with the conventional handle, or for tough jobs, attach the pneumatic driver for use with an
air hammer set at 40 PSI or less. The replaceable blades flex to follow the body contour.
   Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 587

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