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// Circuit Testers
  LS28620 24V Circuit Tester with Buzzer
Heavy-duty tester signals with a light and buzzer. Tests voltage up to 28V. Spring loaded hook assist with wire piercing. Can easily be removed to use the probe tip only. Can also be used to check polarity and battery drain.
3-48V Digital Test Light
Used to check polarity on a
circuit. Digital circuit tester with
LCD display. Provides “no guess”
accurate voltage reading for 12,
24 and 48V systems. Tester will
light up red for power and green
for ground on both sides of the handle during testing. 12 foot coiled cord with gator clip. Great for heavy-duty and hybrid vehicles.
Mini Coil Cord Circuit Tester
Locate hot circuits and
troubleshoot primary circuits
on all 6 and 12 volt systems.
Heavy-duty lead and stainless
steel probe for fast, safe, and
accurate low voltage testing.
Small, ergonomic design for
use in tight areas. Needle-
sharp, stainless steel probe for easy wire piercing. 12 ft. coil cord test lead made from durable, high visibility, heat and oil resistant material. Threaded probe to add other screw-on type accessories. Bright, high intensity bulb for easy visibility. Molded strain relief at both ends prevents broken wires. Heavy-duty clip.
Heavy-Duty 6 & 12V Circuit Tester
Checks 6 and 12 volt
systems. Heavy-duty
grounding clip with
insulating boot. 5 feet of
tough flexible rubber wire
retained in spring supported
strain relief. Lead wire permanently attached. Clear plastic handle makes bulb highly visible.
PWPP3LS01BF Power Probe® 3 Kit with Lead Set
Features a voltmeter and
a built-in banana jack for lead set accessories. The simplicity of use combined with the numerous variations of connectors and adapters makes either of these kits versatile. Just connect the Power Probe® 3 to a vehicle’s battery and a multitude of testers are readily available.
Power Probe® 3
Features test light,
audio tone, voltmeter,
20 ft. jumper lead,
bad ground indicator,
continuity tester, short
circuit indicator, and
relay/component tester.
With the press of a
switch, have an instant
hot lead or ground lead
to activate components.
Features audio tone and LED light. Includes: Power Probe® 3, cigarette lighter adapter, 3” probe tip, battery hook-up clips, 20 ft. extension lead, instruction manual and blow-molded case
Power Probe® 3
Have an instant hot lead or ground lead
with the press of a switch. Use the hot
lead and ground lead simultaneously to
activate components. Instantly check
components for continuity as well as
identify positive, negative and open
circuits without re-polarizing hookup
clips. Locate shorts without wasting
fuses. The 20 foot lead allows testing
from bumper to bumper without jumper
leads. Audio tone indicates positive with a
high pitched tone and negative by a low pit
tone. The audio feature can be disabled when testing relays. The Power Probe® 3 has two cool white LEDs that flood the work area with bright light. A multitude of testers in one: Test Light, Audio Tone, Voltmeter, 20ft. Jumper Lead Set, Bad Ground Indicator, Continuity Tester, Short Circuit Indicator, and Relay and Component Tester.
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