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Circuit Testers // TEST & MEASUREMENT
  Power Probe® 3EZ with Case and Accessory Kit
EZ Diagnostics guides the user through fuse, battery, voltage, component, charge and 5 volt reference with embedded QR codes that link to tutorial videos for each test. Includes a 20 ft. extension accessory and cigarette lighter adapter. The additional accessories that can be used are 4mm banana jack/plug leads, 4mm banana jack/plug tips, 4mm banana jack/plug adapters (not included).
  DC Voltage
Peak to Peak Voltage
Frequency Response
P-P display
Storage temperature/humidity Operating temperature/humidity
0 to +70 Volts +1 digit
0 to +70 Volts
10Hz to 10kHz
15Hz Sq., 35Hz Sine -20 to 700C, 70% RH max -10 to 500C, 70% RH
               Power Probe® 3EZ, Carbon Fiber
Designed to provide fast electrical testing while keeping menu navigation effortless.
EZ Learning teaches you the tool’s functions, while EZ Diagnostics guides you through
basic electrical testing procedures. Embedded QR codes within the tool provide links to knowledgeable videos for the everyday technician. The included 8 amp thermal circuit breaker provides protection while powering up components, relays, or circuits while still allowing rush current for larger draw components. Menu driven screen or easy access to DC Voltmeter, MIN, MAX, Peak-To-Peak, Flip Screen modes, EZ learning and EZ Diagnostic Modes. Compatible with all Power Probe® 3/3S accessories and power cables. Includes: Power Probe® 3EZ with 20 ft. lead, 3” probe tip and alligator clip set
Power Probe® IV Master Kit
Combines the power of the PowerProbe® IV with the PWPECT3000 to quickly troubleshoot and diagnose circuit conditions. Save time by not tearing up wire harnesses, panels, carpets, and more to locate open or shorted circuits with the PWPECT3000. Diagnose fuel injectors, sensor signals, computer outputs, resistance readings and power up components with the Power Probe® IV. Features: DC voltmeter, AC voltmeter, ohm meter, fuel injector tester, computer driver tester, open circuit detector, short circuit detector, directional short circuit indicator, distance from source wire indicator, ergonomic housing. Kit includes: Power Probe® IV, Short/ Open Finder (PWPECT3000), PowerProbe® Lead Set (PWPPLS01)
 Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 425

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