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// Circuit Testers
   Power Probe® IV
Offers the ability to supply battery ground, power, and nine diagnostic testing modes to provide automotive technicians with detailed information on the circuits and signals being tested.
Will test for AC/DC voltage with quick glitch capture, AC volts RMS and volts P-P, test resistance, Hertz, frequency and pulse width (negative and positive), verify fuel injector driver conditions, supply computer safe voltage for testing module drivers (transistors), and work as a circuit tracer with the PWPECT3000 (not included). Large multi-line color LCD screen. Water and dust resistant with loud indicator tones. Measure DC, AC and frequency (Hz). Test resistance on live and unloaded circuits. Fuel injector tester mode. PCM and ECM driver tester mode. Signal tracer mode. Self-resetting circuit breaker. Test millivolts for parasitic draws, charging system connectors, starting systems, sensors, modules and much more. Test for good source ground and power feeds. Test pulse width in fuel injectors and ignition modules.
Test frequency (Hz) of regulators, injectors, motors and sensors. Measure the resistance of alternators, regulators, switches, solenoids, interlocks, sensor wiring, fuel pumps and much more. Measure DC and AC voltage on diodes, sensors, modules, motors, relays, fuses, actuators, rectifiers and many more.
PWPP401AS | Red PWPP405AS | Green
5 Volt Adapter
Adapter for Power Probe® 3,3S, and 4. 5 volt output, 12-24 volt input. Reduces voltage to 5 volts. Limits the current output. Wont harm your computer or sensors.
Power Probe® Maestro
Pro Series diagnostic electronic circuit and component tester. Powerful multimeter functions, advanced diagnostic modes, easy- to-read color LCD display, and rugged dust and water-resistant housing. Apply battery power
or ground directly to the tip of
the tool to energize and activate
components. Intuitive user interface, built-in LED flashlight and automatic voltage drop Indication. Easily test fuse boxes, verify correct operation of motors, lights, relays, sensors, wires, and communication-circuits. EZ Learning Mode displays step-by-step tool operation. Guided Diagnostics Mode simplifies testing battery, charging system, fuse condition, components and wiring systems. Measures DC volts, Ohms, voltage drops, AC volts RMS, peak-to- peak AC volts, signal frequency and pulse width. Read fuel injector pulse time, inductive kick, ground circuit and supply voltage. Trace Mode displays data as a wave form. Wirelessly pair with the Power Probe Tek App to expand capability. App allows for remote display, data streaming and recording. Export, e-mail or save data. The Power Probe Tek app is available for iOS and AndroidTM platforms.
Piercing Probe Kit
Able to test wires in hard to reach places. Handles 8 AWG - 28 AWG. Self-centering. Color coded for easy recognition.
Test Probe Adapter Kit
The test probe adapter kit comes with a blade probe for tapping into fuse sockets and the needle probe for back probing connectors.
4mm Banana Jack 3” Tip Black (2/Pk.)
For all Power Probes®. Comes in a 2-pack.
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