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FUSE BUDDY® Current Loop Kit
Improved design allows better access into fuse boxes. Clamp current probe over loop for amperage measurements. Works with ATO, Mini and Micro fuses up to 30A. Use to view fuel injector waveforms, fuel pump amperage and more. Includes storage pouch.
Fuse Saver Kit
3 resetting breaker handles 10, 15, and 20 amps. Color matching handles for easy identification. Dual type fuse box connector with 10 ft. cord. Find short circuits FAST! Install radios, CD player, radar detectors and other accessory equipment with ease. Allows you to move around the vehicle
and shake testing
wires while looking
for the short. No more
overheating fuse boxes. Made in the USA.
Digital Timing Light
Bright LED display, mode
indicator lights and flashlight.
Measure engine RPM, advance,
set initial timing, check
centrifugal advance and
measure vacuum advance.
Works on gasoline vehicles
equipped with conventional,
electronic, computer
controlled, DIS, or 2-cycle
ignition systems. Digital LED
tachometer displays 0-9999
RPM. Advance display indicates
to 1/10. 2/4 cycle and RPM/advance mode lights. Super bright Xenon flash, all-metal inductive pickup and durable ABS housing.
Amp Alert
Instant parasitic drain
finder. Tool used to
detect parasitic drain
without removing a
fuse from the fuse box.
Simply touch probes to
the top of the fuse and
tool gives off a distinct
audible tone when
parasitic drain (current)
is detected. A huge time
saver for the technician. Avoid blown multi-meter fuses. Resolution down to 5 milliamps. Unit will shut off automatically after use.
Amp HoundTM 2
An amp meter for
fused circuits. Has
ability to attach
adapter to fuse or just
touch the probes to
the top of the fuse.
Real time readings of
current and amps in
fused circuit without
removing. Works on
new fuse types Mini-LP and Micro-Fuse, along with three of the most common automotive fuse types: mini, standard and maxi with all the most common ranges. Dimensions: 9.16” x 5.25” x 4”
Parasitic Draw Tester
Provides an easy method to connect a multimeter to the vehicle electrical system to diagnose hidden battery drain.
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