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// Soldering & Torches
Power Probe® Soldering Kit
Easy start electronic ignition. Butane powered - no cord or batteries. 120W, 500 BTU. Kit includes: soldering tool, 3 soldering tips, 1 heat injection tip, 1 hot knife tip, 1 heat shield, 1 tube of rosin core solder
Micro Torch Kit
Use for light brazing, soldering, etc. Features an electronic ignition and flame adjustment from
1/2” to 2-1/2”. Easily
refillable with butane
and will last up to
2 hours between
refills. Maximum
temperature up to
2500°F (when used
as a torch). Comes
complete with: PWPPMT Micro Torch and base, heat injection tip, hot knife, soldering tip, heat shield for shrink tubing, one tube of rosin core solder, and blow-molded case with organizer.
Micro Torch
Use for welding, brazing, wire soldering, etc. Adjustable flame 1/2" to 2-1/2". Electronic ignition. Easy refill butane. One refill lasts up to 2 hours. Flame temperature up to 2500° F.
High Power Butane Torch
Heavy duty, high powered butane torch that is capable of brazing, soldering, loosening bolts, and plastic forming. Large capacity (45g) refillable metal tank and a powerful adjustable flame with up to 60min runtime at full flame. Reliable electronic instant ignition system. Maximum Temperature of 2400°F.
Big BuddyTM Turbo Torch
Butane refillable turbo torch.
Specifically engineered for both
professional and home use. Features a
very powerful 2500° turbo flame and up
to 60 minutes of continuous burn time,
all in a lightweight portable design.
Provides power and dependability, light
after light. Butane not included. 7 oz.
and 7” tall. Includes locking mechanism
for continuous use and has an adjustable flame.
Butane Turbo Torch
Cordless butane torch. A must for: camping, first
aid, survival kits, household repairs, thawing frozen locks. Ideal for: automotive, hobbies, DIY repairs, outdoor activities, and heat shrink. Flame temperature: 1300°C (2400°F). Butane sold separately.
Butane Fuel - 1.5 oz.
Professional grade, non-clogging, universal filling tip can be used with most refillable butane products. Double scrubbed and triple filtered for trouble free use in all Lenk brand butane powered tools and lighters. Comes in a box of twelve 1.5 oz. cans.
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