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Surge Protector
Acting like a sponge to soak up electrical surges, this unit protects sensitive electronic components when MIG and spot welding on a vehicle. An absolute must when jump starting. No need to disconnect the battery for protection. An LED indicates that the device is working and correctly connected.
Mini-Ductor IITM Kit
Portable 1000 watt, 110V
hand held induction heater
for the flameless heating
of fasteners and hardware.
Electromagnetic field
induces an electrical
current within the work
piece that generates heat.
Stop causing collateral
damage with a torch.
Use on old rust, frozen or
threadlock compound nuts.
Instantly heat nuts red hot. The heating of nuts and fasteners allows the part to expand and break the rust or threadlock compound bond so it can spin right off. Can also be used to remove vinyl graphics, body side moldings, name plates/emblems and stress relieve
dents for ease of repair. Kit includes: Mini Ductor IITM power supply, IIIMD99601 Preformed coil, IIIMD99602 U-form coil, IIIMD99603 Bearing Buddy coil, Instruction manual, warranty card, and carrying case with custom foam inserts.
IIIMD99643 Mini-Ductor® Bearing Buddy Coil Pack
The Bearing Buddy Coil
Pack offers two different
sized flexible coils and a
heat resistant mat. The
heat resistant mat helps
extend the Bearing Buddy coil life by preventing abrasion and overheating of the coil. Kit contains one each of: 41” Bearing Buddy Coil (IIIMD99603), 96” Bearing Buddy Coil (IIIMD99XBB96), 6” x 12” Heat Resistant Insulator (IIIMD99612)
IIIMD99644 Mini-Ductor® Thin Wall Coil Pack
The Thin Wall Coil Pack offers
four of the most popular sized
coils and enables users to
release rusted or corroded recessed lug nuts in a matter of seconds. Comes with one each of the following: 3/4” Thin Wall Coil, 13/16“ Thin Wall Coil, 7/8” Thin Wall Coil, 1” Thin Wall Coil
IIIMDV777 Mini-Ductor® VenomTM Kit
Generates Invisible Heat® to
release ferrous and some non-
ferrous metals from corrosion
and thread lock compounds
without the dangers of open
flame – 3/4” nuts are turned
red hot in less than 15 seconds.
Lightweight, ergonomic design
allows for induction heat to
access hard to reach places.
Coils now lock down with one simple turn (no more thumb screws). Works with all Mini-Ductor coils. LED Usage Indicator: a Red LED lights under fault conditions and a Green LED lights while the trigger is active and the tool is heating properly. Fault Override Delay. Fan Operation Enhancements: the fan continues to run after the trigger is released to aid in thermal cycle time reduction and aids in cooling the tool. User controlled LED switch. 2-year limited warranty. Includes: Mini-Ductor Venom handheld induction heater, (3) basic coils - (1)
7/8” Preformed Coil, (1) U-Form Coil, (1) Bearing Buddy Coil, operator manual, and a rugged plastic carrying case.
IIIMDV787 Mini-Ductor Venom® HP Handheld Induction Heater
The Venom HP releases metal
from corrosion and thread
lock compounds without the
dangers of open flame and up
to 90% faster. Flameless heat
helps remove ABS Sensors,
Bearings, Corroded Exhaust,
Fuel Tank Straps, Steering and Suspension components, Truck bed bolts, and U-bolts. Comes with one each of 3 basic coils: 7/8" Pre- Formed Coil, U-Form Coil, Bearing Buddy Coil.
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