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PlasticWelders&Vises // WELDING
  US5700HT Airless Plastic Welder
Highly portable,
variable temperature,
ceramic core welder
that is perfectly suited
for the active repair
shop environment.
Ideal for making
quality repairs to
virtually any type of
plastic. “Problem plastics” like TPO and polypropylene are easy to repair using FiberFlex universal repair rod. The belt clip equipped control unit improves mobility and makes adjusting the temperature convenient. The 63 watt ceramic heating element provides the fastest warm-up time, highest welding temperature and maximum reliability over conventional elements. Includes eight types of plastic welding rods for repairing virtually any thermoplastic and instructional DVD. Features a custom molded case for storing all the included accessories and welding rod.
RapidFixTM Dual Adhesive System
Incorporates an instant adhesive and a welding
powder, providing a combination that instantly
repairs almost anything! The professional adhesive
bonds most materials instantly, such as rubber,
glass, copper, aluminum, steel and most plastics.
The welding powder is used to repair all types of
holes, cracks, gaps and can produce a strong weld
seam to support the repair, just like solder or welded joints. The
dual adhesive system has a wide range of applications and can bond almost any material to itself or to another material. High strength, bonds in seconds. Will not dry out in the container. Instantly drilled, sanded, and painted. Dries crystal clear. Convenient, non-clog, nozzles allow for pin-point application of adhesive and welding powder. Adhesive activates by pressing parts together, removing the air, and creating the bond; wipe away any excess adhesive with a paper towel. Provides instant repairs for: rubber (emergency repairs to plumbing, seals and hoses; super-strong bonds quickly and easily), wood (repair furniture, doors, anything; dries instantly- apply, then fill, drill, tap, sand and paint), plastics (repair breaks, splits and holes; adhesive dries clear; fix appliances, toys, sunglasses), ceramic and glass (invisible repairs to ceramics, ornaments, and tiles), metal (bond and fill copper, steel and aluminum; no need for soldering;
no heat required), fiberglass (boats, surfboards, etc.) and hobbies (sports equipment, bikes, fishing, model-making).
B.A.S.H® 6.5” Utility Vise and 4 lb. Hammer Combo
The Special Edition B.A.S.H®
Utility Vise has an iron body built
for rugged use and extended life.
It has 3 posts for bench mounting, a
swivel base and the capability of handling
pipe as well. A 4 lb B.A.S.H® Sledge Hammer with a 12” unbreakable handle is included as part of this Special Edition kit. Distinctive green powder coat paint on vise resists scratches and provides a tough durable surface. Vise includes a swivel base, built-in pipe jaws and a large anvil work surface. Special Edition B.A.S.H® vise is perfect for general clamping applications. B.A.S.H® Sledge Hammer has a safety plate, ergonomic no-slip grip and lanyard hole standard for B.A.S.H® The trademark B.A.S.H® green head is drop forged 46 HRC steel head which endures the most demanding applications.
Aluminum Vise Jaw Pads
Ideal for holding round and hex parts
securely. V-shaped aluminum surface
holds and helps protect round or hex
parts. Specifically designed ledge
supports flat parts while clamping.
Strong nitrile magnets will attach to any steel vise jaws.
US2045W USR010103NT USR020103BK USR030103WG USR040103NT USR050103GY USR060103NT USR070103NT US100403BK US6011 US6027HT US6031 US6124WB USDVD01
RapidFixTM UV
Reinforcing Wire Mesh Polyurethane Welding Rod Polyurethane Welding Rod ABS Welding Rod Polyethylene Welding Rod TPO Welding Rod
Nylon Welding Rod Polycarbonate Welding Rod Fiber Flex Flat Repair Sticks Heating Element
Tube Welding Tip Tear-Drop Welding Tip Stainless Wire Brush instructional DVD
                                RapidFixTM UV is an amazing liquid plastic adhesive that only sets when exposed to UV light. Allows as much time as needed to position pieces properly. To control when
the adhesive hardens, use the special LED flashlight to shine UV light on it. Adhesive hardens in seconds and dries crystal clear. The high strength bond can be sanded, filed, drilled and painted. Powerful UV LED will last for years and flashlight uses a standard AA battery (not included). Adhesive will not dry out in bottle.
 Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 619

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