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  Welding Jackets
Comfortable two tone lightweight flame retardant cotton jacket. Vented back. Barracuda collar. Snap front. Dual soapstone/scribe pockets. Snap cuffs.
Blue Welding Gloves
Combines comfort and protection at an economical price. Full cotton lining with foam back. Made from select split cowhide - fully welted to protect the seams. One piece back
- sewn in a guncut pattern with a wing thumb. Thumb strap increases durability at key wear point. Sewn with Kevlar® thread. Blue with Cornwell® Ironman Logo. Size: Large
Goatskin TIG Welding Gloves
This grained leather glove combines
a good sense of touch and durability. Goatskin contains natural oils that help keep gloves soft and comfortable. Sewn in a guncut pattern with a straight thumb and seamless index finger. Gloves have a 3” pigskin cuff. Unlined for maximum feel. Size: Large
MIG/Stick Welding Gloves
Grain pigskin back. Reversed grain pigskin palm for better grip. Foam insulated back and cotton lined palm. Kevlar® sewn. Fully welted. Reinforced thumb strap. 5” cuff
SNRP760L | L SNRP760X | XL
Welding Beanie
100% cotton center and side panels. Elastic gathered back. Once size fits most.
SNR3164X6 Velvet Shield® Welding Blanket
Velvet Shield® welding blanket is
made with a carbon fiber fabric
that was developed from NASA
technologies and is extremely
fire and heat resistant. Provides protection from direct contact with weld splatter. Tough, tear-resistant material. Easy to clean - just shake, vacuum or blow metal particles off. Withstands temperatures up to 3,000°F. Size: 4 ft. x 6 ft. ASTM E84-97a scores: Flame Spread Index = 7; Smoke Index = 4. Meets and exceeds all standards of NFPA 701 (standard method of fire tests for flame resistant textiles and films*). *As tested by ITS. Copies available upon request.
SNR372NG4X6 ToughGuardTM Welding Blanket
Protects interiors, glass, and
other areas from damage
caused by nearby welding
and grinding. Made of heat-cleaned fiberglass for economical, high temperature protection. Material is very pliable. Takes temperatures up to 1,000° F. Provides light to moderate splash protection. Size: 4 ft. x 6 ft. Weight: 18 oz. Tan in color.
Welding Tip Cleaners
Consists of a file & 13 cleaners (Sizes #6 - #26) for cleaning drill sizes 77-49.
         CECKSTC | CECKLTC |
Standard Length Long Length
Plugweld Pliers
Copper alloy backing prevents
burning through thin panels as
weld will not stick. Plugweld
pliers allow user to turn up the heat for better penetration without burn through, even if there is a pilot hole through the back panel.
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