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// Welders & Plasma Cutters
250 Amp MIG Welder with Spool Gun
A multi-process, DC inverter welder with LCD interface. It is
capable of welding: solid wire (steel, stainless and aluminum) with shielding gas, Flux core wires. DC stick using 6011, 6013, 7014, and 7018 electrodes. Lift arc DC TIG on steel and stainless steel materials. This unit is capable of welding 1/2" steel in a single pass while operating on 230V power. The leading edge inverter power produces high quality DC welds that are crisp, clean, powerful and consistent which will impress the most experienced welder. The LCD user interface uses advanced software to preset and memorize previously set welding parameters, spot timer, trigger hold settings, and inductance. The inverter technology is evident as soon as you remove the unit from
its carton. It is lightweight and powerful, two of many advantages
the inverter technology gives you. It welds 24 gauge to 1/2" in a single pass, stick welds up to 5/32" electrodes with a smooth DC weld output, stick welds on material such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron and hard surfacing materials. The unit is an exceptional multi-process welder and perfect for auto body, farm and ranch, and light industrial applications. Features: Synergic LCD screen, feature selection buttons, multi-process selection knob, 4 cable wraps, and dual cylinder rack. Includes: 12 ft. MIG torch, 12 ft. spool gun, 10 ft. ground cable and clamp, 2 inert gas hoses, and 2 regulators
Tig Welder AC/DC, Dual
The Cornwell® Inverter Powered
MMWTIG242DVI is a dual voltage,
inverter powered AC and DC TIG, Pulse
TIG and DC Stick welder. This unit is
intended to be used on a 50-amp 230V
AC circuit or 120V, 20A AC circuit, without
the use of an extension cord. This machine comes complete with a TIG Torch, a Foot Pedal, regulator/flowmeter with inert gas hose, a ground cable and clamp, and an Electrode Holder with cable.
Dual Voltage Plasma Cutter
Cuts up to 11/16" steel at a travel speed of 10 inches per minute when operating on 230V AC power for a cutting capacity on steel of up to 1/4" at a travel speed of 10 inches per minute. It cuts all electrically conductive materials. It cuts a narrow kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. Lightweight (31.2) lbs., compact, inverter design for greater portability. Pilot
arc for easy starts. Built-in air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights for quick trouble shooting and thermal overload protection. Now designed with digital meter read out for specific amperage ranges and built in water separator.
  PART #
120 120V, 20A, 50/60hz single phase 230 230V, 36A, 50/60hz single phase
230V 230V, 42A, 50/60hz single phase 120V 120V, 20A, 50/60hz single phase
230V 230V, 35A, 50/60hz single phase
120 230
230V 120V
69V no load
Stick: 10-70A DC (120V input) Stick: 10-180A DC (230V input) TIG: 10-90A DC (120V input) TIG: 10-180A DC (230V input) MIG: 40-90A DC (120V input) MIG: 40-200A DC (230V input)
15-45A 15-23A
68V no load DC TIG: 5-200A AC TIG: 10-200A Stick: 5-170A
40% @ 90A (120 input) 20% @ 200A (230 input)
50% @ 45A 35% @ 23A
35% @ 200A
21" x 9.5" x 16.25"
23.625" x 14" x 14.75"
35 lbs.
22.5 lbs.
  612 1-800-321-8356
19.75" x 9.5" x 16.125"
43 lbs.

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