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Release Tools // DOOR & WINDSHIELD
3 Piece Push Pin/Body Clip Pliers Set
Remove plastic body fasteners
and clips faster in nearly any
location. Includes straight,
45° and 90° jaws to reach in
wheel wells, under bumpers
and behind the dash to remove
retaining clips. Various jaw
angles help access hard-to-reach
areas. The unique design lifts the
center pin and pulls body clips without damaging anchors. Comes with an OTC lifetime warranty against defects in material or workmanship.
Sure Grip Trim Clip Pliers
Easy way to remove trim clips
without breaking them. Grip the
stem of the clip not the head so
clips do not break. Lever action for
faster, easier removal. Work on trim pads, hood insulation, etc.
Retainer Clip Release Tool
Remove fender flares and rocker
moldings without breaking any
clips. Save time removing items
by releasing retainer clips from the outside. Spring steel design provides flexibility to reach tight areas and strength to release clip. Wide opening allows the tool to release all types of retainer clips. Overall length: 10”
Extended Clip Release Tool
Save time and energy
accessing door panel clips.
Made in the USA, the tool
is laser cut from 1/8” hot rolled steel with a beveled end. 18” long which allows bi-directional access to grip under the clips that sit deep in the door panel. Using beveled end with large 6” handle allows you to twist and raise the interior door panel clips. Beveled end also provides the ability to release Ford truck bed rail plastic caps by using the same twisting motion.
V-Groove Clip Remover
Narrow tip with V-Groove for
removing plastic clips used
on upholstery, door panels,
radiator shrouds, fender liners and weather stripping. Equipped with a sliding urethane bumper for use when extra leverage is necessary. Also use the bumper to protect the vehicle surface.
Double End Clip Lifter
Thin tips on this double-
ended tool provide easy
access when removing
plastic clips. Smaller opening works for lifting the center pin and the wider opening lifts the fastener from the panel. Also works on most plastic fasteners, plastic clips, upholstery or door panels. Zinc finish with 3-1/2" grip. Overall tool length 8"
5 Piece Clip Lifter Set
Easily remove almost any
clip or fastener. Forged
blades with blue plastisol
dipped handles. Blades
feature various openings
and bends to allow users
to remove clips and
upholstery from multiple angles. Tops are thin to allow easy access. Comes packaged in a blow-molded case.
HR1131 HR1132 HR1133 HR1134 HR1135
3 Piece Extra Long Trim & Panel Clip Lifter Set
This heavy-duty trim and clip remover set is designed for the most stubborn and hard to reach clips. Hardened steel with high polish chrome finish gives the set durability over the competition. Blue rubber grip allows the user to keep a positive grip. Great for removing plastic fasteners, clips and retainers when working with interior and body panels.
5mm Half Round Trim Tool 7mm Half Round Trim Tool 50° 5mm Half Round Trim Tool 11mm S-Form Trim Tool
11mm Angled Trim Tool
HR1141 HR1142 HR1143
5mm Extra Long Half Round Trim Clip
11mm x 245mm Extra Long S-Form Trim Clip 11mm x 370mm Extra Long S-Form Trim Clip
         Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 583

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