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Hub and Dust
Cap Pliers
Removes all types
of decorative wheel
covers. Removes and replaces stubborn dust caps. Jaws are ground for firm bite on dust cap either in front or behind flange. Also grips dust caps without flanges. Hammer head replaces dust caps. Alloy steel, heat treated and zinc plated.
CV Boot Clamp Pliers (Earless-Type)
For Earless-Type clamps including those found on late model GM inboard CV joints.
Offset Boot Clamp Pliers
Crimps ear-type clamps in hard-
to-reach areas. Works from the
side (head is turned 90 degrees)
unlike traditional tools that work
from the end. The unique offset
design allows the technician to
work on clamps on larger size
boots. The top plate on the pliers flattens the crimp. Works on most ear-type clamps except those requiring a torque reading.
CV Boot Clamp Pliers (Ear-Type)
For all ear-type clamps including GM FWD outboard CV joints. Designed for use with a torque wrench, as required for stainless steel bands.
CV Joint Banding Tool
For all Band-It® and Band-It
Jr.® style clamps. Use 5/8”
socket or wrench to wind
and crimp new band on boot.
Tool is easily disengaged from the band after the band is tightened. Band-It® and Band-It Jr.® are trademarks of Band-It-IDEX, Inc.
Adjustable Seal Puller
Head adjusts to five
positions. Two hook sizes
easily remove most oil
and grease seals. Where
clearance is a problem,
remove the pin to reposition the head. The adjustable head works great on front wheel drive transaxles. Also works on front crankshaft seals without removing the radiator.
Seal Puller
For oil and grease seals. Simply insert the tip of
the tool behind the oil or grease seal, press and pull. Two size tips reach in and
fit nearly all seal applications.
Shaft In Seal Puller
Removes Camshaft and Crankshaft seals without damage to the shaft.
Seal Puller
Designed for difficult to reach seals and others such as transmission seals and axle seals. For removal of most stubborn seals. Black oxide finish.
3/8” Seal Puller
Use with 3/8” drive for hard-to-reach
oil and grease seals. Simply insert
hook behind seal and pull. Two hook
sizes to fit most oil and grease seals.
Can also be used with a breaker bar
for extra reach or leverage. If the
puller tips wear, resharpen on a grinding wheel.
          Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 549

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