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Cotter Pin
Blade is made of durable steel with black finish. Length: 8”
Wheel Weight Tool
Installs, removes, trims
and tightens all types of
clip-off wheel weights.
Features a special
plastic-type material on
hammer head for safe, mar-free installation of specially coated wheel weights used on alloy wheels. Plastisol-dipped handle for comfort.
Wheel Weight Tool
Works on many applications. Removes, trims and installs clip-on wheel weights. Includes lever and offset flat tip for removing wheel covers.
Axle Stud Cone Pliers
Removes the tapered
cone from studs used on medium and heavy-duty
truck rear axles. Gives
leverage needed to
expand cone and remove
it from the stud for axle removal.
2 Piece 16mm x 1.5 Wheel Stud Pins
Easily remove and install
wheels on Dodge ProMaster
with lug bolts. Wheel stud
pilot pins allow you to hang
the wheel without having to balance the wheel on the small lip of the hub. This helps prevent the wheel from falling and causing damage or injury. Fits 2014 and newer Dodge ProMaster with lug bolts.
12 Piece Wheel Stud Installer Kit
For use installing button head wheel studs. Patented installer - pull
the stud into the
drive flange or hub
without damaging
the threads. Assures
correct installation of
wheel studs. No more ruined studs or lug nuts. Install wheel studs on most major vehicle platforms, domestic and foreign, including light trucks and SUVs. Includes: installers, washer, spacer and corresponding rethreader dies
Wheel Stud Installer
Easily installs new wheel studs. Use with a ratchet or impact wrench to pull the new stud securely in place. Works on most automotive and light-duty truck wheel studs, import and domestic.
Truck Wheel Stud Installer
Installs most truck wheel studs in seconds. Use with an impact wrench or ratchet. The tool body is equipped with a thrust bearing to easily pull the new wheel stud into place. Fits truck wheel studs up to 22mm (7/8”) in diameter. Use the lug nut to tighten against the tool body to pull the stud in position.
Subaru Axle Pin Removal Tool
Removes and installs roll pins for easy axle removal. Has a magnetized tip to help the roll pin from falling into hidden access areas around axle. Magnetized tip holds new roll pin for easy alignment and insertion into new axle. Works on all AWD Subaru trans-axle assemblies.
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