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Digital Tire Inflator
3.5” digital tire inflator with 21”
hose. Easy change chuck system.
One button operation. Auto
shut-off for increased battery
life. Displays kgf, bar, PSI, kPa
measurements. Large face LCD
digital read-out. Unit covered with
rubber sleeve for extra comfort
and durability. On power button,
auto shut-off in 90 seconds if not in use. LCD back light. Allows accurate reading of tire pressure, assisting with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems). Two position lever: First position deflates, second position inflates. Works on a nitrogen system.
Digital Tire Inflator
Four multi-scale gauges: PSI, KPA, BAR, KGF. Auto ON, upon air pressure sensing. Large tilted LCD display with backlight and 90 second auto OFF. Die cast aluminium with impact bumper and ABS handle and trigger. Supplied with official calibration certificate. Wire-sheathed hose on flex area of hose to eliminate kinking. Lightweight and robust. Includes two AAA batteries.
Tire Deflator Set for TPMS Valve Stems
Quickly evacuates air from tires without
removing the valve core. Simply replace
a standard sized valve cap with this handy tool and the special design will depress the pin in the valve core. Large openings on the sides of the tool allow air to escape quickly from the tire. Tools are marked so tires can be returned to their original position on the vehicle so TPMS will not need to be reset. Saves time since the valve core has not been removed from the sensor.
Tire Gauge
Has 12” hose with straight-on
chuck. Tapered chuck nut fits
wheel cover holes on cars and
light trucks. Ideal for use on
wells and reels. Chrome plated
castings with all brass internal parts. Plated steel handle riveted to body. Calibrated in 10-90 PSI in 2 PSI increments.
PL17509 Standard Tire Gauge
Recessed deflator pin cast into chuck head. Handy pocket clip. Cornwell® Blue finish with white Cornwell® logo. Convenient one- hand operation. For passenger cars, vans and light trucks. Calibrated 2 sides 10-50 PSI in 1 lb. units and 70-350 kPa in 10 kPa units.
PL17519 Truck Tire Gauge
Recessed deflator pin cast into chuck head. Handy pocket clip. Cornwell® Blue finish with white Cornwell® logo. Convenient one- hand operation. Ideal for higher pressure applications on step vans, lightweight trucks (1/2 to 2-1/2 tons), pickups and air shocks. Calibrated 2 sides 20-120 PSI in 2 lb. units and 150-840 kPa in 10 kPa units.
Dual Foot Service Tire Gauge
For heavy-duty use required at the service level. For dual wheels and hard to reach valves on pickups, RVs, heavy trucks and off-road equipment. Chrome plated brass with die cast chuck. Calibrated in 10 to 150 PSI in 2 lb. increments and from 100 to 1040 kPa in 20 kPa increments. Complete with handy hang-up hook.
Low Pressure Tire Gauge
Perfect for home garden tractors, golf carts, air springs and ATVs. Calibrated 1-20 PSI in 1/2 lb. units. Easy-to-read square nylon bar with dual calibration - PSI and kPa highlighted.
Straight-On Dual Foot Service Tire Gauge
For the difficult to reach inner dual. Straight-on chuck for inside wheel and 30° reverse angle for outside wheel. Calibrated 10-150 PSI in 2 lb. units.
Digital Pocket Tire Pressure Gauge
Compact, lightweight gauge with ergonomic design provides instant reading. Display holds reading for 15 seconds. Reads in PSI, BAR, and kPa. Pressure range: 3-100 PSI. Displays to 0.5 PSI. +/-1.0% accuracy. Temperature and pressure compensation. Shock resistant solid state electronics. Long battery life. Fits easily in pocket.
          Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 551

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