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2-Ton, 2/3-Jaw Puller (Reversible)
Maximum reach: 3-1/4”. Maximum spread: 4-3/4”. Screw size: 3/8”-24 x 4-7/8”. Jaw thickness: Upper 3/16”, Lower 1/8”. Jaw width: Upper 1/4”, Lower 1/2”.
5-Ton, 2/3-Jaw Puller
Maximum reach: 3-1/4”. Maximum spread: 7”. Screw size: 9/16”-20 x 6-15/16”. Jaw thickness: Upper 5/16”, Lower 1/4”. Jaw width: Upper 3/8”, Lower 3/4”
5-Ton, Long 2/3-Jaw Puller (Reversible)
Maximum reach: 5-1/2”. Maximum spread: 7”. Screw size: 9/16”-20 x 6-15/16”. Jaw thickness: Upper 5/16”, Lower 1/4”. Jaw width: Upper 3/8”, Lower 3/4”.
Front Hub Puller
For use on domestic and import cars and light trucks. Range is 3-3/4” to 4-1/2”. For use on 4, 5, or 6 bolt stud design and all non-C lock GM axles. May be used on most Flange Type Pullers.
Bearing Puller
When working space is limited, this type of puller is needed to remove flywheel pilot bearings from automobiles, trucks, and tractors. Only 7-1/2” long. Can be used to pull bearings or bushings from generators and starters. Includes 1/2” to 1-1/4” (13-32mm) I.D. capacity jaws.
Heavy-Duty Yoke
Simplifies and expedites
the removal of heavy-duty
yokes on drive shafts,
transmissions and drive
axles without damage to
yokes or other components.
Use with up to a 1" drive impact to easily remove seized yokes.
Tool creates more than 20,0000 pounds of pulling force. For full and half round yoke sizes: 1610/16N, 1710/17N, 1760/176N, 1810/18N, SPL140/170/250 and RPL20/25 (for Spicer®, Meritor® and Rockwell® series yokes.) Manufactured from high grade steel.
1 HR49701
1 HR49702
1 HR49703
1 HR49704
1 HR49705
1 HR49706
1 HR49707
1 HR49708
1 HR49709
2 HR49710
2 HR49711
1 HR49712
1 HR47913
OWC4534 Multipurpose Bearing and Pulley Puller Set
2 Pound Slide Hammer Threaded Slide Rod Screw Adapter Square Hook
Jaw Adapter
2 Jaw Puller Puller Hook Locking Pliers Cone Rod Small Jaws Large Jaws T-Handle Crossbar Blow Molded Case
                                536 1-800-321-8356
For a wide range of pulling
jobs, including: bearings,
alternators, generators, power
steering and crankshaft pulleys,
timing gears, and harmonic
balancers. Set includes drop-
forged components, which can be
used in a variety of combinations.
Spread: 3” to 5”, Reach: 1” to 2-1/4”. Set consists of: two forcing screws (live center): 3/4”-16 x 6-11/16” and 3/4”-16 x 5”, two Cross- bar yokes: 3 pin-hole @ 3-1/4” to 5-1/2” and 2 pin-hole @ 2-3/8” to 3-3/8”, two Clamp bolts, three pairs of puller jaws: 1-3/8” Max, 1-5/8” Max, 1-3/4” Max, one pair of jaw pins with ball spring, and three pairs of capped bolts housed in a blow-molded plastic storage case.

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