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Ball Joint Remover and Installer Set
Removes and installs press- fit parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake anchor pins.
HR1961 HR19610 HR196100 HR1964 HR1965 HR1966 HR1967 HR1968 HR1969
Ball Joint Set
Ball Joint Press with Cups
The Cornwell® Ball Joint
Press is designed to remove
and reinstall most press-in
type ball joints equipped on
late model Ford and Dodge
full-size pick-up trucks. The
design of this specialty tool
is a complete departure
from the traditional C-frame
based kits found on the
market. Utilizes patented and patent pending technology that incorporates a tenacious pivoting action with durable forged alloy steel construction, which not only increases the effective pressing force of the tool but also lowers the operating weight down to approximately 25 lbs. The design also provides a large amount of clearance between the frame, pivot link and cups thus enabling the technician to remove and replace ball joints while the steering knuckles are attached to the vehicle. It is extremely versatile and helps technicians save time during front end service work. Comes in a blow-molded case.
Forcing Screw Only Installing Adapter C-Frame Assembly
Receiving Tube 2.75”ID x 3”OD Receiving Tube 2.25”ID x 2.5”OD Receiving Tube 1.75”ID x 2”OD Removing Adapter
SLC18100C SLC18100P SLC181001E SLC181002 SLC181003 SLC181004 SLC181005E SLC181006E SLC181007A SLC181007B SLC181008 SLC18100BK SLC18100ORK SLC18100101.4 SLC18100111.78 SLC18100112.0 SLC18100112.3 SLC18100112.6 SLC18100112.14 SLC18100112.22 SLC18100112.44 SLC18100112.85
Cup Kit
Ball Joint Press w/Box Frame
Jack Screw Enclosed Jack Nut Enclosed Rocking Washer Closed Cup Adapter Open Cup Adapter Clevis Pin
Bolt Kit
O-Ring Kit
                                Allows for the removal and
installation of press-fit
ball joints on many GM and
Ford light-duty trucks, vans
and SUVs through 2003;
Dodge light trucks through
1998; Dodge vans, Durango
and Dakota through 2003; and Honda Accord, Civic, del Sol, and Prelude through 2001. Combines several popular ball joint sets into one SUPER set. The C-frame tool can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints. Comes complete with an application cross reference and instructions in a blow-molded case.
Ball Joint Service Tool Set
Will press in, or out, most sizes of press-fit ball joints. C-frame press can be used alone to remove and replace universal joints.
Ball Joint Cup A
Ball Joint Cup B
Ball Joint Cup C
Ball Joint Cup F
Ball Joint Cup H
Ball Joint Cup D
Ball Joint Cup E
Ball Joint Cup G
Ball Joint Cup I (2.85)
                  (1.40) (1.78) (2.00) (2.30) (2.60) (2.14) (2.22) (2.44)
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