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GreaseGuns // OIL & LUBE
PowerLock Coupler
Simplifies the lubrication
process. Lever activated
for quick attachment
and release from fitting.
Comfortable, ergonomic design with protective grip. Its reverse jaw design holds the fitting securely to the seat for less grease bypass and lower lubricant cost while enabling single-handed operation. All-steel construction provides long service life. The flexible rubber sleeve offsets pressure applied to the lever and protects the hose from unnecessary wear. Optimizes lubricant delivery. Suitable for use in agriculture, construction and general industry, as well as vehicle service applications.
Impact Fitting Cleaner Kit
Clears hardened grease from
fittings and joints. Eliminates
the need to disassemble joints
or replace fittings. Flushes
lightweight oil through clogged
lubrication points to clear
passages of dried or separated
grease. Includes: steel drive
cylinder, hardened piston,
safety shield, high pressure
hose for hard-to-access
fittings, spare drive seals, and coupler in a convenient storage case
4” Needle Nose Adapter
Perfect for use on trucks, vans or RVs. For converting jaw-type lube couplers to steel needle points. Dispenses a fine line
of grease through the needle
nose. Includes both small and large sleeves to fit all standard couplers. Overall length: 7-1/8”, tip diameter .046”, body diameter .250”. For hand operated grease guns only.
Grease Injector Needle
Lubricates in very tight places
like universal joints and sealed
bearing. Stainless steel 18 gauge
x 1-1/2” long needle. Equipped
with standard grease fitting and
protective plastic holder. For hand operated grease guns only.
90° Grease Coupler
For hard to reach grease fittings on cars, trucks, and equipment. Ideal for lubrication of late model front wheel drive vehicles. Comes with large and small sleeves. Recommended working pressure: 4,500 PSI. For hand operated grease guns only.
Grease Gun Coupler
Standard jaw-type coupler features spring loaded ball check valve. Fits all 1/8” NPT threads. For all hand operated lube equipment only. Recommended working pressure: 4,500 PSI.
Right Angle Grease Coupler
Fits standard grease guns. Seal and slot in housing designed to provide 90° access into minimal clearance areas. Eliminates need for flexible hoses. Ideal for lower ball joints on Chrysler K-cars.
15" Hand Grease Gun Hose
For hand
operated grease
guns. Steel
1/8” NPT male
fittings on each end. Reccommended Working Pressure: 5,000 PSI
         Epoxy Finish Pistol Oilers
Drawn steel bodies with epoxy finish to resist rust. 6” spouts. Rigid non-detachable spout has .15” diameter ledge-cone machined tips to lift oil filler dust caps. Zinc-plated detachable flexible spout has a base thread of 1/4”-28.
  PART #
6 oz.
6 oz.
Rigid, non-detachable Yes
Flexible Yes
  Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 525

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