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Filter Sockets // OIL & LUBE
5 Piece 3/8" Drive Oil Filter Canister Socket Set
Oil Pressure Switch Socket
One socket with the correct length to fit 1” and 1-1/16” oil pressure switches up to 1-5/8” long (for vehicles equipped with warning lights). 1-7/8” overall height for clearance. Use with 3/8” drive or 1-1/8” hex.
Oil Pressure Switch Socket
Fits 1-1/16” switches up to 2-5/8” long
on oil pressure sending units (gauge
type) found on most 1991 and newer
GM vehicles. Also fits 1987 and newer
Chrysler vehicles with combination light
and gauge oil pressure switches. Use with 3/8” drive or 1-1/8” hex.
Oil Pan Plug Rethreading Kit
Removes damaged thread
and taps a new oversize
thread. The unique tapping
tool ensures the new thread
will be perpendicular to the
gasket surface to prevent
leakage. Works on soft steel
and aluminum oil pans with 1/2”, 12mm, and 14mm threads.
4 Piece Oil Plug Remover Set
Set contains tools and bits to
remove plastic oil pan drain
plugs that are found on many late
model Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and
BMW. Special tools will not damage drain plugs.
Cummins Oil Filter Plug Tool
Used to plug the oil filter when changing
oil on 2013-2017 Dodge Ram Cummins
2500/3500 heavy-duty trucks. Threads into
the filter for a secure seal so the filter can
be removed from the tight space without
spilling oil. T-handle makes removal and installation easier. The tool also allows the technician to pre-lube the filter before installation.
7 Piece Low Profile Filter Socket Set
Contains very low profile, 6 point sockets for use on oil and fuel filter canisters when replacing the element. Use with 3/8” drive.
24mm 3/8" Oil Filter Socket 27mm 3/8" Oil Filter Socket 29mm 3/8" Oil Filter Socket 32mm 3/8" Oil Filter Socket 36mm 3/8" Oil Filter Socket
LS13280 LS13290 LS13310 LS13320 LS14500 LS14600 LS14700
Ford Fuel and Oil Filter Socket
Works on various fuel filters for Ford diesel, some International/Navistar trucks, some VW. Blue anodizing for easy visual identification. 36mm hex, combined with 6 notches, allows this tool to do the work of two. 3/8” drive.
Oil Sending Unit and Stoplight Switch Socket
Dual purpose 3/8” square drive or 3/4” external hex socket. Two openings: 1” and 1-1/16”. Designed to fit the oil pressure sending units and stoplight switches on late model cars. Length: 2-3/4”
Oil Pressure Sending Unit Socket
Designed for late model GM vehicles using 1-3/16” socket hex oil pressure sending units (for vehicles equipped with gauges). Overall length: 4-1/64”. 1-5/8” O.D. 3/8” square drive; 7/8” hex drive. Chrome plated.
25mm Low Profile Filter Socket 28mm Low Profile Filter Socket 24mm Low Profile Filter Socket 27mm Low Profile Filter Socket 36mm Low Profile Filter Socket 29mm Low Profile Filter Socket 32mm Low Profile Filter Socket
                      Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 523

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