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Cooling System Adapter for
Kenworth T660 and T680
Fits Kenworth T660 and T680 trucks. Threads onto expansion bottle to attach pressure tester or refiller. Made with chrome plated zinc and glass filled plastic.
Cooling System Adapter For 2015 & newer Dodge Vans
Toyota Cap Adapter
Applications: Acura: ‘90-’93 Integra, ‘95-’98 5 cylinder
TL, ‘91-newer NSX; Chevrolet ‘85-’88 Nova, Spectrum
and Sprint; Chrysler/Dodge/Eagle/Plymouth: ‘84-’92
Colt, ‘91-’97 Laser/Talon, ‘91-’96 Stealth; Ford/Lincoln/
Mercury: ‘89-’92, ‘93-’97 V6 Cougar/Thunderbird, ‘91
Escort/Tracer, ‘95-2001 Explorer, ‘88-’93 Festiva, ‘89-’97 Probe, ‘92-’94 Tempo/Topaz, ‘93-present Villager, ‘95-present Windstar; Geo: ‘89-’94 Metro, ‘89-’92 Prism, ‘89-’93 Tracker; Honda: ‘90-’93 Accord, ‘88-’91 Civic, ‘91-newer Motorcycles, ‘94 to 2002 Passport, ‘90-’98 Prelude; Hyundai:
all models ‘87-present; Infiniti: all models ‘92-present; Isuzu: all models ‘92-’97; Lexus: ‘94-’99 ES300, ‘90-’99 LS400, ‘96-’99 LX 450/470; Mazda: ‘85- ’99 Protege with 1.5L; Mitsubishi: ‘91-’98 3000GT, ‘92-’95 Diamante, ‘85-’93 Galant, ‘85-’92 Mirage, ‘89-’98 Montaro, ‘89-’93 Starion; Nissan: all models ‘87-present; Subaru: all models with small filler neck ‘84-present; Suzuki: models with 1.5MM deep filler neck ‘83-’95; Toyota: ‘86-’95 4 Runner, ‘95-present Avalon, ‘83-’89, ‘90-’91 exc. V6 A/T, ‘94-’99 4 cylinder Camry, ‘82-’89 Celica, ‘83-’92 Corolla, ‘85-’92 Cressida, ‘87-present Land Cruiser, ‘83-’92 Pickup, ‘89-’97 Previa, ‘98-’99 Sienna, ‘99 Solera, ‘83-’84 Starlet, ‘86- ’92 non turbo Supra, ‘95-’98 T100, ‘95-present Tacoma, ‘83-’90 Tercel.
Universal Radiator Adapter Set
Enables technicians to quickly and
easily test cooling systems in passenger
vehicles and light trucks. Eliminates
the need to ever buy or own any other
adapter again. Works with any Stant type
standard pressure pump. Employs three
sizes of elastomeric adapters. Varying durameter ratings for the different adapters to expand to fit every radiator and/or plastic reservoir and ensure maximum versatility and performance. Professional grade: solid brass, anodized aluminum, and high-quality engineered rubber.
AIRLIFTTM Radiator Air Purge and Refill
Eliminates airlocks in vehicle
cooling systems and refills
the entire system, including
the Heater Core, in seconds.
“Fits-All” cone adapter easily
connects onto any vehicle,
including cars, trucks and off-
road vehicles. Rugged metal
body design stands up to the
rigors of a shop environment.
Comes with body assembly
with gauge and ball valve control, Venturi connector and hose, fill hose with filter, various size rubber adapters, and rugged storage case.
AIRLIFTTM II Radiator Air Purge and Refill
Refills entire cooling systems
without airlocks in seconds,
including the Heater Core! Eliminate
time consuming bleeding and
purging. Check for system leaks
under vacuum - shop air operation
draws a fast and powerful vacuum.
Compact size, lightweight, easy to
work around tight areas. Push-button valve eliminates the need to change hoses. Works on all systems (including light and heavy duty trucks) with “Fits-All” heavy-duty cone adapter.
ARINT100 International Truck Coolant Drain Hose
Used to drain the coolant of International HD Trucks with radiator quick-connect fitting. Hose allows coolant to flow into appropriate container.
Volvo Truck Coolant
Drain Hose
Used to drain the coolant of 2004 and newer Volvo and Mack diesel engines with radiator quick-connect fitting. Hose allows coolant to
flow into appropriate container. Comparable to Volvo OEM #9996049.
RL960029 RL960030 RL960031 RL960036
Adapter Body Adapter (Large) Adapter (Medium) Case
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