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Coolant Refill, Retention and Pressure Test Kit
The most complete and efficient cooling system service tool in the market. Easily perform the three most common services needed; pressure test, coolant retention and refill. Transition between each function without removing the tool. Replace components without draining the cooling system. Specially designed venturi cap produces high flow rate (7.8 CFM) and deep vacuum (28.4 InHg). Long intake hose is ideal for all applications, including HD truck. Fastest refill rate available (4.8 gal/min). Low resistance ball valves allow for sensitive adjustments. Prevents air pockets when refilling and works with most adapters. Includes 10’ coolant intake hose, dual function gauge (press/vac) with protective boot and storage case.
Large Truck Cooling System Refiller
Used to fill large cooling
systems commonly
found in large trucks. It
attaches to the cooling
system using available
cooling system adapters.
By applying shop air to
the MSM400CRT a vacuum is created in the cooling system. A valve is then turned, isolating the cooling system, now under vacuum.
A second valve is turned, through which coolant travels to refill the cooling system completely eliminating air gaps. Has larger passageways throughout the tool and a more powerful venturi for better evacuation of air in the system, refills a large system much faster and more completely than a standard refiller.
Truck Adapter Kit
Applications: Trucks/Heavy-Duty vehicles with large "B" size fill neck (2-11/16" O.D.)
Vacuum Assist Coolant Refiller
Use with shop air (80+ PSI)
to create a vacuum and
refill a drained cooling
system in less than five
minutes. Helps prevent
"airlocks". Compatible
with most cooling system
adapters. Powerful 2.4 CFM
vacuum generator and large
fluid passageways give the refiller a fluid flow rate of 2.4 gallons per minute. Includes hard storage case.
Vacuum Assist Coolant Refiller, Universal
Seals to cooling systems with included molded cones - no adapters required. Fits 99% of cars and light trucks in
the market. Use with shop air
(80+ PSI) to create a vacuum
and refill a drained cooling
system in less than five
minutes. Powerful 2.4 CFM
vacuum generator and large
fluid passageways. Includes hard storage case.
  Max. Vacuum Flow Consumption Refill Rate Pressure Test Air Requirement
28.4 in HG 7.8 CFM 19 CFM 4.8 Gal/Min 30 PSI Max. 90 PSI
             4 Piece Truck Vacuum Holding Adapters
Replaces pressure-
relieving cap, often
located on the side of the
expansion tank, to allow
placing the cooling system under a vacuum. Features automatic safety pressure-relief system in the event the cap is left on the expansion tank. Includes sizes 50x2.5mm, 48x3mm, 45x3mm, 52x2.5mm.
MSM10022V MSM10025V MSM10036V MSM10052V
48 x 3mm Vacuum Holding Adapter 45 x 3mm Vacuum Holding Adapter 52 x 2.5mm Vacuum Holding Adapter 50 x 2.5mm Vacuum Holding Adapter
          Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 505

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