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// Compression
Light Truck Diesel
Compression Test Kit
2-1/2”, 0-1,000 PSI gauge with rubber protector. Features a pressure release valve swivel end coupler and rubber coated, steel reinforced hose. Includes adapters for Duramax, Cummins ISB and Ford 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.7L and 7.3L.
Dual Gauge Cylinder
Leakage Tester
This tool helps to pinpoint head
gasket, valve, cylinder, or ring
problems. Works with shop air
pressure to determine amount
and location of leakage. Comes
complete with 1/4” FPT fitting
for hook-up to air line, 10mm, 12mm, 12/16mm Ford Triton adapter, 14mm, 14mm long, and 18mm adapters. Instructions included.
GSI6235 GSI6604 GSI6611 GSI6612 GSI6616 GSI6636 GSI6647 GSI6655 GSI6668 GSI6680 GSI6690
2-1/2" Gauge Protector Replacement Hose Assembly 2-1/2" Gauge Head, 1000 PSI Valve Core
Quick Coupler
10mm x 1.25 Adapter 10mm x 1.25 Diesel Adapter Diesel Adapter
10mm x 1.0 Diesel Adapter 8mm X 1.0 Diesel Adapter 14mm x 1.25 Diesel Adapter
GSI6220 GSI6225 GSI6230 GSI6240 GSI6282 GSI6416 GSI6551 GSI6552 GSI6559 GSI6571
14mm Long Adapter 12mm Adapter
10mm Adapter Rubber Gauge Protector 12/16mm Ford Triton Adapter Quick Coupler
Colored Gauge Regulator Replacement Hose Gauge Head, 200 PSI
                                              14 Piece Heavy-Duty Diesel Compression Test Kit
Includes the most popular adapters needed to test heavy-duty trucks and equipment. Easy-to-read 1000 psi dial with protective boot. Pressure relief valve and 16-1/2" wire reinforced hydraulic hose with Quick Coupler. Covers Cummins, Caterpillar, Navistar/International, Volvo, Detroit Diesel, Isuzu, Fuso, Hino, John Deere, J.I. Case and more.
HMTU15 HMTU154A HMTU158 HMTU159 HMTU1511A HMTU1512A HMTU1514 HMTU1517 HMTU1518A HMTU1519 HMTU1520 HMTU1521 HMTU1523 HMTU1528 HMTU1529
Diesel Compression Tester Gauge & Hose w/ Coupler Diesel Adapter M24-2.00 Injector
Diesel Adapter - 7/8" Injector
Diesel Adapter - 1" Injector
Diesel Adapter - M21 Injector
Diesel Adapter - M24 Injector
Diesel Adapter M10-1.25 Glow Plug
Diesel Adapter M24-1.50 Injector
Diesel Adapter M17 Injector, Cummins/Case Diesel Adapter M17 Injector, Navistar/International Diesel Adapter - 3/8" Injector
Diesel Adapter - 9/16" Injector
Diesel Adapter M12-1.25 Glow Plug
Diesel Compression Test Adapter Cummins NCT/NTS Diesel Compression Test Adapter Cummins N14
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