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// Sensor Sockets
Spline Drive Short O2 Sensor Wrench, 6 & 12 Point
The ultimate tool that includes a 12 point and 6 point SP Spline Grip DriveTM wrench to remove oxygen sensors. Less damage
to sensors. The new Spline Grip DriveTM helps to reduce the possibility of damaging “frozen-in-place” oxygen sensors. Access confined areas. Works on foreign and domestic 22mm, non- shielded, oxygen sensors.
Super Duty 2-1/8” Offset Oxygen Sensor Wrench, 6 & 12 Point
Includes a 6 point and 12 point
socket to provide the ultimate
tool for removing oxygen sensors
in confined areas. The 6 point
side provides maximum holding
power for oxygen sensors that
are corroded in place. The 12
point side allows twice the
number of “clock angle” attachment positions for maximum accessibility to remove oxygen sensors in difficult areas. Fits with all configurations of oxygen sensor wire/connectors.
SLC66750B 22mm Shielded Oxygen & Air Fuel Sensor Socket
Designed to remove and
replace “CAN” type shielded
oxygen sensors and air fuel
sensors currently found on
later model vehicles. The
depth and outer diameter
of the socket are critical features, enabling it to fit in the limited space of the heat shield. Six point tool of forged steel for maximum strength and comes in the SP High Tech black finish. Applications: Toyota 2003 and later, Lexus 2006 and later, Honda 2006 and later, Acura 2007 and later, Mazda 2006 and later, Hyundai 2006 and later, Kia 2006 and later, Nissan 2007 and later, and Infiniti 2007 and later.
Oxygen Sensor Socket
Removes and installs oxygen
sensors on most Domestic
and some Imports. Special
7/8” socket with cutaway slot
to provide clearance for wire
harness. Provides adequate depth to fit over sensor. Heat-treated alloy steel. Use with 3/8” square drive or 1” wrench.
Oxygen Sensor Socket
Remove and install oxygen
sensors on computerized engine
controlled vehicles in hard-to-
reach places. 15/16” hex assist
on the drive end allows turning by wrench. 1/2” Drive x 7/8”, 6 Point. Chrome plated, heat treated, heavy-walled socket. Outside diameter: 1-1/4”. Overall length: 3-7/8”.
Oxygen Sensor Rethreader
Cleans threads in oxygen sensor holes. Use with 3/4” hex socket or 3/8” square drive. Size M18 x 1.5. Also works on M18 x 1.5 spark plug threads. IMPORTANT: Use anti-seize
EGT Sensor Socket Set
Designed to remove exhaust temperature sensors. Drives all 6 sides of the hex equally to reduce the chance of damage. The 3 different sizes and two different styles will remove most if not all EGT sensors used on cars, light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks on the road today.
SLC15310 SLC15320 SLC15330 SLC15340 SLC15350 SLC15360
13mm EGT Sensor Socket - In Line Crowfoot 14mm EGT Sensor Socket - In Line Crowfoot 17mm EGT Sensor Socket - In Line Crowfoot 13mm EGT Sensor Socket - Offset Crowfoot 14mm EGT Sensor Socket - Offset Crowfoot 17mm EGT Sensor Socket - Offset Crowfoot
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