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Master Diesel Compression Test Set - Light Duty
12 different adapters for
checking compression on diesel
engines found in light and medium
duty trucks and cars. Easy-to-
read 2-1/4” dual scale dial with
pressure release valve. 16-1/2”
wire reinforced hydraulic hose
with swivel-end quick coupler. Coverage includes various Caterpillar, Cummins, Ford, GM, Hino, Hummer, Isuzu, Jeep, Kawasaki, Kubota, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Navistar/International, Nissan, Perkins, Sprinter, Toyota, Volvo, VW and Westerbeke engines.
Engine Oil Pressure Tester
Oil Pressure tester features 0-100 PSI, 0-700 kPa readings with a two foot hose. Adapters included to fit engines on many domestic and foreign vehicles. A necessity when checking pressures in vehicles with indicator lights only, or to verify readings on vehicles with dashboard gauges.
HMTU15A HMTU151A HMTU152A HMTU153A HMTU1514 HMTU1538 HMTU1526 HMTU1517 HMTU1522A HMTU1524 HMTU1523 HMTU1535 HMTU1580
Gauge and Hose Assembly
M10 x 1.00 Glow Plug Adapter (short) M10 x 1.00 Glow Plug Adapter (long) M10 x 1.25 Glow Plug Adapter (long) M10 x 1.25 Glow Plug Adapter (short) M10 x 1.25 Glow Plug Adapter (extra long) Cummins ISB Injector Adapter
M24 x 1.50 Injector Adapter
M10 x 1.00 Glow Plug Adapter w/ Hose M14 x 1.25 Glow Plug Adapter w/ Hose M12 x 1.25 Glow Plug Adapter
M8 x 1.00 Glow Plug Adapter
M8 x 1.00 Glow Plug Adapter w/ Hose
GSI2873 GSI67212 GSI6773 GSI9411
GSI3150 Transmission and Oil Pressure Tester
Wire Rope Accessory 2 Piece Adapter Set Replacement Hose 2-1/2" Gauge, 0-100 PSI
                         Checks oil pressure in both
automatic transmissions and
engines. Features two gauges
with quick disconnect heads
for easy exchange. High pressure gauge reads 0-400 in PSI and metric, and low pressure gauge is 0-100 in PSI and metric readings. Includes 9 feet of hose with both US and metric fittings. Comes with wire hang up assembly and molded plastic case.
              Dual Gauge Cylinder
Leakage Tester
Pin-points problem shown by compression test or cylinder balance test. Uses shop air to determine leakage source and the amount of leakage measured in percentage of loss. The pressure gauge monitors inlet pressure to ensure accurate testing. Leak down gauge measures the percentage of compression leakage.
TDC Whistle with Hose & Adapter
Used to locate approximate TDC in cylinder leak testing. Can also be used to remount distributor correctly; Will also show if timing belt or chain has slipped. Whistles on the compression stroke and stops whistling at approximate TDC. Quick coupler connects directly to the cylinder hose. For use with HMCLT2CW.
GSI2116 GSI2873 GSI6235 GSI6711 GSI6727 GSI6736C GSI9411
High Pressure Oil Tester
High pressure (0-5000 PSI) tester to check oil pressure on many diesel and hydraulic applications. Ideal for Ford Diesel high pressure oil systems. Set includes 38” hose with liquid filled gauge and gauge protector, #5 and #6 male boss type fittings, and a 1/8” NPT adapter to fit 1/8” NPT ports, as well as adapting to all adapters in the GSI3150 set. Packaged in a blow-molded case.
Quick Coupler
Wire Rope Accessory
2-1/2" Gauge Protector
Gauge Head, 400 PSI
Adapter Set
Replacement Hose without Quick Coupler 2-1/2" Gauge, 0-100 PSI
                 Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 475

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