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// Fuel Pump Tools
Diesel Filter Wrench for Ford Transit
Used to remove and install fuel
filter elements on 3.2L diesel
Ford Transit engines. Works on
2015 to current F150, F250, and
F350 models. The tool is notched to match the canister design to help eliminate slipping and damage to the canister. The tool also has a 3/8” square drive to provide extra leverage.
Duramax Fuel Filter Water Sensor Wrench
Used to remove the water-in-
fuel sensor during fuel filter
service on 2001 to current GM
Duramax light-duty trucks.
2-sided wrench fits 40mm 12-sided sensors found on 2001-2010 trucks and 42mm 6-sided sensors on the 2011-current trucks. Specifically engineered design prevents damage to the sensor. Made in USA.
Duramax Fuel Pressure Relief Valve Wrench
Access and service
the fuel pressure
relief valve without
removing the EGR
cooler system or fuel rail; simply unbolt air conditioning compressor to remove front EGR valve. Unique 2-piece design slips onto release valve from back to front allowing handle to slide into the crescent end of the socket, making loosening the fuel pressure release valve easier. Compatible with 2011 and newer Duramax LML engines.
Fuel Filter Plug for Duramax
Used to plug the fuel filter when changing filter on 2004-2016 Chevy Duramax trucks. Threads into the filter for a secure seal so the filter can be removed from the tight space without spilling.
GM Injection Pump Gauge
Allows correct installation of the
high-pressure fuel pump by ensuring
the fuel pump camshaft lobe is on the
base circle. Before installing the new
fuel pump, insert the correct gauge into the engine. If the lip of the gauge does not sit flush to the engine, turn the camshaft until the gap is gone. Misalignment and improper torquing of the bolts could lead to damage to the fuel pump or engine camshaft. Used on late model GM Direct Injection engines including 2.5L, 3.6L VVT, 5.3L and 6.2L.
Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tool
A stout tool to remove and install fuel tank lock rings without damage. Channel design on body allows 2 interchangeable sets
of legs to adjust to fit rings from
4” to 7-1/4” and keeps the drive
centered. Works on the smaller
GM serrated rings and traditional
rings. New leg set works on many 2004 and newer vehicles including Ford F150, Chevrolet pickups, Chrysler/Dodge mini vans, PT Cruiser, Dakota and Durango. Design is compact so the tool is not left hanging over the work area with the potential of hitting other components.
Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tool
Used to remove and install
plastic fuel tank lock rings from
4” to 7-1/4” without damage.
Works on the new smaller GM serrated rings and traditional rings.
LT H LT 9 4 0
Gas Tank Fuel Pump Removal Tool
Removes plastic fuel pump retaining rings. Universal adjustable design fits most plastic retaining rings. Prevents damage to original pump retaining ring. Use with 1/2” drive extension and ratchet. Use to re-install old retaining ring.
Universal Fuel Tank Lock Ring Wrench
Universal design allows tool
to fit fuel tank lock rings
on Ford, Chrysler, and GM
vehicles with gas engines.
Works on: 2004-newer Ford F-150 trucks; 2004-newer Dodge/ Chrysler PT Cruiser, Dakota, Durango, and minivans; 2004-newer Chevrolet 1/2-ton and 3/4-ton trucks; and 2005-newer Jeep vehicles. Easily remove and install the lock ring on the fuel tank while servicing the fuel pump or fuel sending unit. Use with a 1/2” ratchet or breaker bar.
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