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// Trailer & Terminal
Light Socket Brush Kit
Designed to clean the entire
surface area with one pass. The
brush features a special tufted end
which scrapes both the side and
bottom walls, removing corrosion
and debris from all contact
areas. Brass and stainless steel.
Ergonomic handle. Bonus DeoxIT®
and SwabEez® contact cleaning included. Applications: 1157 Light Bulb Sockets, 5/8” - 3/4” Bores. Includes: Brass and stainless steel brushes, 2ml DeoxIT® Cleaner, and SwabEez® Assortment
Light Ranger MUTT® Trailer Tester
For 7-flat, 6-round and 4/5 flat pin trailer harnesses, the
Light Ranger
MUTT® simulates
all electrical
circuits of
standard towing
vehicles for boating,
RV, landscaping,
hunting and similar type
light duty trailers. Comes with a battery charger and 3-way trailer harness adapter.
Heavy Ranger MUTT® Trailer Tester
A commercial trailer light and electric brake tester
that reduces guesswork
and saves time
by powering
each trailer
electrical circuit
in 7-way round pin
arrangements. Allows
for proper verification of wiring configuration, ground integrity, short circuit and overload conditions, along with electric brake operation and turn signal simulation.
Electric Brake Force Meter
OEM approved Dynamic Load Simulation and Circuit Testing is designed for use on 7-way flat (spade) equipped vehicles. Compatible with Integrated (ITBC) and aftermarket Trailer Brake Controllers. Simulates trailer load and displays real- time, brake-controller output gain and application time. Troubleshoot truck- side tow circuits, tail lights, turn signals, 12V+, reverse and ground condition. 25-ft. cable allows for one-man, in-cab testing.
   Connection Type Housing
Package Weight COO
7-Way Flat Pin ABS Plastic
PVC Coated Wire 2.3 lbs.
USA w/ Global Comp.
            442 1-800-321-8356
Circuit Tracer/Large Trailer Plug
Test towing circuits at the back of the truck.
The 7 round pin tractor trailer circuit tester
does one-man testing for male and female
7-way round pin tractor trailer plugs and much
more. Troubleshoot tractor trailer circuits. One
person can now test all the lighting. Allows
bypassing of troubled circuitry while on the
road. Eliminates guesswork. Packaged with an
extra jumper connector. “Winged” grip for easy
removal from electrical connector. Emergency bypass feature: The 7 round pin circuit tester can also be used to bypass shorted circuits using the supplied jumper. Plug the unit into the cable end and identify the faulty circuit. Unplug the unit and unscrew the pin next to the unlit LED (except for the auxiliary circuit). Install the flat brass jumper over the center pin and bend the tail down into the hole left by the removed pin. Plug the cable with the 7 round pin tractor trailer light circuit tester attached, into the trailer and you are on your way.
7 Flat Pin Trailer Tester
Quickly and easily tests trailer circuits on most light/medium duty trucks and campers.
6 Round Pin Trailer Tester
Tests trailer circuits on older light/ medium duty trucks & RVs.

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