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Trailer & Terminal // WIRE SERVICE
Terminal Tool for GM C3 Systems
Designed to remove wires from
terminals without damage to either
on Pack-Con and Weather-Pack
terminals on GM C3 systems. Six tools
in one - Flat blade to open connectors,
Fork blade for ALDL connectors, three
different rectangular blades for Pack-Con terminals, and spring- loaded tube for Weather-Pack terminals. Can also retrieve trouble codes from engine computer on late model GM vehicles.
Deutsch Terminal Tool
Works on OEM electrical
connectors used on trucks and
equipment such as Caterpillar,
Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner,
Mack and more. Also used
on some Harley-Davidson
connectors. Slotted tubes are
made out of stainless steel which work and last longer than plastic disconnect tools.
4 & 5 Pin Harness Checker
Easily traces each lighting
function to the terminal in
question. Plugs into the trailer
plug. Each LED light corresponds
to the circuit being energized.
Provides an easy to connect
ground terminal for trailer lighting set-up.
Trailer Socket Cleaner Set
Maintenance tools for
automotive connectors
and terminals. For male
and female connections.
For tail and side marker light assemblies. Maintain continuity and prevent circuit failure. Quickly and precisely cut away corrosion. Additional uses: Bullet, butt and standard AWG terminal connectors; Auto, marine and industrial applications. Master kit cleans all these connectors: 3 and 4 pin, 4 and 5 pin, 6 pin round female, 6 pin round male, 7 pin spade female and 7 pin spade male
Diamond Grip Terminal Cleaners
Three piece set of terminal cleaners
(small, medium, and large) designed to extend harness life and reduce diagnostic guesswork. Feature highly-durable and abrasive coatings for cleaning flat pin and small spade style electrical connectors. Precisely removes corrosion. Works on both male and female connectors. Includes premium quality holster with magnetic clasp.
Round Terminal Cleaners
Cleans female round
electrical pins. Each tool
features a diamond abrasive
coating for precise cleaning,
sizing and durability.
Removes corrosion and
extends harness life. Common applications include automotive, military, plow and industrial connectors. The set includes 12 individual pieces ranging in sizes from 0.030” – 0.120”. Includes a leather-type holster. Each file is marked or color coded for size.
Micro Round Files
Super hard, abrasive,
diamond coating. Use on
Deutsch, Cannon and similar
connectors For use on
DC circuitry only. Will not damage pins. Automotive, HD, marine, industrial and military applications. Includes leather-type holster.
Heavy-Duty Fleet Terminal Cleaner Kit
Cleans and repairs most every
type of electrical connectors
found on cars, trucks, and
industrial equipment. For
terminal sizes: 0.03” to 0.25”.
Connector types: Deutsch,
Cannon, 7 round pin, Bullet,
Weather Pack, common ABS
sensor and power connectors,
trailer light connectors and
more. 17 piece set includes:
Large and small flat male
and female spade terminal
cleaners, large and small 7 round pin socket harness cleaners, one ABS sensor/power connector cleaner, ten micro diamond round files, trailer light Bullet connector cleaner, DeoxIT® contact chemical cleaner, leather type holster
       Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 441

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