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// Trailer & Terminal
Parallel Action Crimper
Provides the most popular
professional crimping cavities on a
cost effective parallel-jaw pliers frame, which keeps terminals from rocking out of position as the crimp is being made. Designed for the occasional user who needs precision-machined crimp cavities to make a proper crimp. Five cavities perform “B” type conductor and insulation crimps. Conductor crimp maximum range is 22-12 AWG. Insulation crimp maximum range is 24-14 AWG. Uses the same five crimp cavities as the professional Delphi/Packard 12085271 tool, but is built on a less expensive, cost effective frame.
7 Piece Deutsch
Terminal Tool Kit
Works on electrical connectors
found on HD trucks,
equipment and recreational
vehicles. Fits Deutsch HD10,
HD20 and HD30 series connectors and Jiffy Splices. Precisely machined, stainless steel tips for an exact fit. Knurled, anodized aluminum handles provide extra grip. Includes 4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 20 gauge wire terminal tools, connector removal tool and storage case.
27 Piece LED Quick Change Terminal Kit
Lights the work area
and removes wires
from terminals without
damage. The lighted
handle illuminates
electrical connectors.
Includes 24 quick-connect
terminal disconnect tools,
a sheathing ripper and a terminal pin repair tool. Compact handle uses three LR626 batteries, which are provided. A handy application cross-reference is printed in the lid of the blow-molded case.
JSC9588601 JSC9588602 JSC9588603 JSC9588604 JSC9588605 JSC9588606 JSC9588607
Terminal Tool Set
with Handle
Set of three (3) terminal
tools and handle for
removing wires from
terminals without damage. Terminal tools work on conventional terminals as well as Pack-Con and Weather-Pack terminals found on many GM vehicles. Blue terminal tools fits many Ford applications. The handle slips over the probes to protect the technician’s hand as well as provide extra leverage.
LS71770 LS71778 LS71790 LS71800 LS71810 LS71820 LS71830 LS71840 LS71850 LS71860 LS71870 LS71880 LS71890 LS71900 LS71910 LS71920 LS71930 LS71940 LS71950 LS71960 LS71970 LS71980 LS71990 LS72000 LS72010 LS72020 LS71760 LS72030 LS72040
No. 1: Spring Loaded Tube, 3.3 x 28mm No. 2: Square Blade, 1.4 x 25mm
No. 3: Flat Blade, 1.5 x 25mm
No. 4: Flat Blade, 2.0 x 25mm
No. 7: Tube, Spring Loaded, 3.3 x 28mm No. 8: Tube, 4.3 x 25mm
No. 9: Tube, 3.75 x 25mm
No. 10: Tube, 3.0 x 25mm
No. 11: Flat Twin Blade, 3.0mm
No. 12: Flat Twin Blade, 1.6mm
No. 13: PCM / Transmission Harness Tool
No. 14: Terminal Block Tool
No. 15: Underhood Sensor Tool
No. 16: Sheathing Ripper Tool
No. 17: ABS ECU 55 Pin Tool
No. 18: ABS ECU 35 Pin Tool
No. 35: Flat Terminal Tool, One Locking
No. 52: Flat Terminal Tool, Miscellaneous Breadth No. 55: Single Face Blade Tool, 1.0 x 1.0mm
No. 56: Dual Face Blade Tool, 1.5 x 1.0mm
No. 57: Single Face Blade Tool, 1.8 x 1.0mm
No. 58: Ladder Blade Tool, 1.5 x 3.0mm
No. 59: Knife Blade Tool, 2.0 x 0.8mm
No. 60: Square Blade, 1.5 x 2.0mm
No. 61: Repair Tool for Terminal Pin
No. 65: Flat Blade, 1.18 x 18mm
LED Quick Release Handle
Replacement Batteries LR626 (3)
4 Gauge Wire Terminal Tool 8 Gauge Wire Terminal Tool 12 Gauge Wire Terminal Tool 14 Gauge Wire Terminal Tool 16 Gauge Wire Terminal Tool 20 Gauge Wire Terminal Tool Connector Removal Tool
LS14900 LS56500 LS57780 LS57790
Terminal Tool for GM (Red) Terminal Tool (Silver) Terminal Tool for Ford (Blue) Handle
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