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Wire Holder
Offers an extra pair of hands when soldering. Alligator clamps firmly hold wire and small parts when soldering. Clips and base are magnetic and can be attached to any ferrous surface.
Wire Soldering Cl
An ideal solution for
holding wires in place
during soldering. A
second set of hands,
clamping down onto
wires from either side
of tool. Holds firmly and
may be used for various gauges of wiring.
Mini Bulb Remover/Installer
Gently & firmly grips
glass shell of bulb.
Coated gripping ends
with curved tips to
safely remove bulbs.
For all types of bulbs,
including bayonet,
screw and wedge bulbs. Also great for fuses. Fits where fingers can’t.
Self Adjusting Wire Stripper
Self-adjusts to most
10-26 gauge solid or
stranded wire. Strips
for splicing without damage to wire. Crimps terminals 10-22 gauge. Color coded crimping jaws with precision blade cuts. Cushioned insulated handles for comfort and safety.
Heavy-Duty Easy Stripper
Compound leverage
for user comfort.
Automatically adjusts to
strip AWG 10 to 24 gauge
(or even smaller using the
micro adjust knob) without damage
to the conductors. Crimps insulated terminals 10-22 AWG, non- insulated terminals 10-22 AWG, and 7-8mm auto ignition terminals.
Crimper, Stripping, Cutting Pliers
All purpose pliers cut, crimp, strip, and grip. Serrated gripping nose for pulling, bending, and shaping wire. Stripping holes are precision ground to remove insulation on 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20 gauge wire. Crimper and wire cutter positioned in front to reach in tight areas. Second cutter on inner handle. Crimps insulated and bare wire connectors. Cushion grip for comfort and control.
CTG60 | Blue CTG60NG | Green
Needle Nose Stripper/Crimper/Cutter,
Stainless Steel
All-purpose pliers cut,
crimp, strip and grip. Long
nose design accesses
small spaces. Stainless
steel construction stays sharp and prevents rust. Flat and round serrated gripping zones to pull, twist, bend and shape wire. Crimper and cutter above pivot for better control. Crimp 12-22 AWG bare and insulated terminals. Strip 12-22 AWG wire. 7" overall length with cushion grips.
Wire Inserter Kit
Includes 1/4” O.D. and 3/8” O.D. wire insertion tools for use when installing wires for audio electronics, aftermarket lighting, alarm systems and much more.
LS60950 LS60960
Wire Stripper
1/4" Wire Inserter Tool 3/8" Wire Inserter Tool
       Pliers nose for working
small nuts and pulling
wire. 6 stripping stations for both solid and stranded wire; 10-22 AWG. Crimps 10-22 gauge barrel type insulated and non-insulated terminals. Crimps 7-8mm automotive terminals. Screw cutting/ sizing stations for 10-24, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 4-40, and 5-40 screws.
Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 433

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