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// Test Leads
Test Leads - Screw off Clips
Threaded tips allow
screw on/off of
supplied alligator
clips for more
secure connection.
The test leads are
48 inches long and
CATIII 1000V safety
rated. Maximum
test current is 10
amps. Applications
include automotive, industrial, HVAC, electrical, marine and more.
10 Ft. Test Leads
Extra long test leads at 10 feet, allows expanded applications and longer reach. Alligator clips screw on and off for more secure connection. Works with most DMMs in the field – max 10 amps.
FMTL75 Hardpoint Test Lead Set
Extremely hard alloy tips resist wear. Distinctive comfort grip probes. Economical PVC insulated leads. CAT III, 1000V, 10A; CAT IV, 600V, 10A. 1 red and 1 black, 48” (1.2M).
ES637 Temperature Probe
Replacement temperature probe for ESC585M, CBPDM15, CBPDM20, CBPDM25.
Twin 5 Ft. Jumper Leads
High visibility black and red leads stretch to over 5 feet in length. Superior memory retention and resistance to grease and oil. Coil cords constructed from high quality polyurethane.
Power/Ground Outlet
Provides an electrical ground
and power source from the
vehicle. Plugs into cigarette
lighter or power accessory
receptacle for a ground and a
power source on the dash. Plug
light will come on to signal that it is connected and that both power and ground are available at the posts. Connect to the positive (+) terminal for power. For electrical ground, attach ground wire from instrument to be grounded to the negative (-) terminal.
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Jumper Twins Test Leads
Two 30" leads of highly insulated wire. For "jumping" any part of the electrical system.
FINGER SAVER® Wire Piercing Guide
Prevents stabbing finger when using
automotive circuit testers. Quickly,
easily and safely guides the pick point
of any circuit tester in the center of
all primary automotive electrical wire.
Holds circuit tester in position allowing technician to work hands free. Impervious to gasoline, oil, thinners and other shop chemicals. Stores on ground wire of circuit tester.

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