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EasyConnectTM EVAP
System Adapter Kit
Allows fast and easy connection to EVAP systems that have no test port. Compatible with any smoke machine. Forms a complete seal for effective leak testing without disturbing other components. Contains 4 sizes of "T" fittings, straight fittings and caps for various configurations. Includes storage case.
RL910106 RL960215 RL960216 RL800037 RL960210 RL960211 RL960214 RL960209 RL800039 RL960213 RL960212
8 oz. Smoke Producing Fluid
Used for vapor/smoke production in leak detectors.
EasyConnectTM Soft Case 3/8" Tee Assembly (9.49mm) 8mm Tee Assembly (7.89mm) 8mm Rubber Vacuum Cap 1/2" Male Adapter (12.6mm) 10mm Male Adapter (9.89mm) 1/2" Tee Assembly (12.6mm) 10mm Tee Assembly (9.89mm) 9mm Rubber Vacuum Cap 3/8" Male Adapter (9.49mm) 8mm Male Adapter (7.89mm)
13 Piece Turbo Air System Leak Test Kit with Smoke Adapter
The turbo system leakage tester helps locate air leaks in the components by plugging the output side of the turbo and plugging the intake inlet. Air is applied through one end of the adapter
to show the presence of leaks within the system. Kit features a pressure gauge, shut off valve and pressure regulator and comes with six pairs of stepped adapters to fit most sizes of hose. Can also be used on cooling system hoses.
9 Piece Heavy-Duty Turbo Air System Test Kit with Smoke Adapter
Capable of high, mid and low pressure testing. Locate air leaks
by plugging the output side of the turbo and intake inlet. Connect smoke machine and shop air with the included T-valve. Air and smoke flow through the adapter to pressurize the system and identify leaks. Includes pressure regulator, storage case and four pairs of adapters to fit most turbo systems on class 7 and 8 trucks.
Universal Filler Neck Adapter with Cap-Less Adapter
For hassle-free EVAP testing.
Connects to any fuel filler neck in
seconds. Comes with twelve (12)
sealing discs and one RL960054 Adapter for Cap-Less Tanks.
Bladder Blocker Adapter for Intake, Exhaust & Turbo Systems
Inflatable bladder with vapor pass- through for leak testing intake, exhaust and turbo systems. Works with any smoke machine.
  Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 417

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