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Smoke Machines // SIGHT & SOUND
Premium Diagnostic Leak/EVAP Smoke Machine
OEM approved diagnostic leak detector helps detect, locate, and repair leaks in sealed systems. Includes Easy INTAKETM inflatable block off bladder with vapor pass-through used to test intake or exhaust systems quickly and easily. Block off bladder conforms to any shape. Test EVAP, intake, exhaust and more. New flow meter locates leaks down to .010”. Compound pressure gauge and decay feature verifies repairs are complete. Made of professional grade billet aluminum. Includes: Leak Detector, Easy INTAKETM, vapor producing fluid, halogen inspection light, EVAP service port tool, EVAP Schrader® valve removal tool, assorted cap plug kit, and plastic accessory case. Made in USA and 2 year warranty.
  EVAP Weight
Operating Modes Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Operating Altitude Minimum Leak Detection Smoke Chamber Assembly Smoke Chamber Warranty External Pressure Supply
6.5 lbs.
5 in. x 6 in. x 11 in. Air / Smoke 0°F to 120°F No Limit
No Limit 0.010 in. Bolted Lifetime Compressed Air
                    TrueSmoke Diagnostic Leak/EVAP Smoke Machine
Made in the USA with OEM approved technology. Consistent, long- lasting and highly visible vapor smoke production. Measure vacuum, pressure and decay with large, built-in gauge. Quickly detect and locate leaks in any sealed system. Flow meter identifies leaks as small as .010”. Test EVAP, leak detections systems, intake, exhaust and more. Portable and compact design fits in most tool boxes. Includes leak detector, (2) 2oz bottles of vapor producing fluid, EVAP service port adapter, EVAP Schrader® valve removal tool, Halogen Inspection Light, assorted cap plug kit, exhaust cone adaptor and plastic accessory case.
  Power Supply
Power Consumption Output Pressure Operating Temperature Operating Modes Pressure Supply Housing Material Dimensions
Machine Weight
12 Volts DC 12 amps
0.5 PSI
0°F to 140°F Vapor / Air Compressed Air Steel
6” x 7” x 7” 7.6 lbs
                  Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 415

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