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Rechargeable Chassis Ear 2.0
Pinpoint noises that occur during road driving. Connect up to six (6) microphones to different locations simultaneously to find a noise source. Rechargeable digital control unit with heavy-duty TPR bumpers for durability. Noise reducing on-ear headphones. Includes durable storage case with custom molded insert.
Wireless ChassisEARTM
Detects squeaks and rattles throughout a car or truck’s chassis. No wires to string. Instant cross-comparison between all six channels can be made in one short test drive. Allows technician to put gears, bearings and suspension under load so problems can be detected. Quickly pinpoints cause of under-car chassis and suspension problems: squeaks, popping, rattles, groans, clunks, growls and ticking. Use to isolate faulty fuel injectors. Use to pinpoint faulty bearings on drive accessories, alternators, water pumps, A/C compressors and tensioner pulleys. Kit includes 4 clamp-on inductive sensors which allows technician to perform multiple point tests.
Diagnostic system designed
to locate problem sounds.
Listen to 6 under-chassis
locations in one road test.
Hear noises that can not be
duplicated on jack stands.
Super-sensitive microphone
in clamps. 16 ft. Wire leads
(color-coded). Uses 9 volt
battery (included). 6-position control switch identifies 6 channels (color-coded). LED light signals when switch is on. Adjustable volume control, on/off switch. Headphones block outside noise.
Electronic stethoscope with flexible
shaft reaches the tightest areas. Non-
conductive coating protects expensive
computer circuitry. Ultra sensitive
microphone and amplifier give full
range of sounds needed. No distortion
or unwanted sounds bleed in. Quickly
pinpoints noise and location of bad
bearings, bushings, dirty fuel injector,
wind and air leaks, noisy valve and
lifters. Comes with stereo headset in a protective handy kit.
Mechanic’s Stethoscope
Unique sound chamber and super thin diaphragm greatly amplify sounds. Pinpoints source of noise in engines, transmissions, differentials and bearings.
Audio Stethoscope Kit
Dual purpose set detects both mechanical and air induced sounds. Use the black diaphragm chamber and screw-in metal probe to detect mechanical sounds from bearings, engines, transmissions, etc. For air induced sounds, attach the
vinyl hose to the hollow tube
and funnel assembly. The funnel amplifier will detect noises from vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, air leaks and wind noise. For hard to reach locations, remove the funnel and use the hollow tube.
Audio Stethoscope
Detects noise from vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, wind noise and air leaks. Detects air induced sounds not detected by conventional stethoscopes.
     Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 419

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