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// Air Filter & Regulators
QC3 Air Filter and Dryer
A perfect solution for restoration
shops, customizing shops, and
hobbyists. High performance
filtration with only 2 PSI pressure
drop. Three-stage filtering with
0.1 micron rating produces clean,
oil and humidity free air resulting
in outstanding paint finishes by
removing water and particulates,
oil, and humidity. Quick change
filter cartridge is easy to maintain-
bowl removal tool included. Larger
filter media and long life desiccant
than disposable dryers: 4x more
filter area, 16x more desiccant, and
air control enabling better color match and coating thickness. Includes: inlet shut=-off valve, regulator and gauge, humidity indicator and bowl drain.
Air Water Separator
Unique bronze filter separates
water from air at the gun. Allows
painter to shoot dry. Eliminates
costly water spots. See-through high grade plastic housing. 1/4” male inlet; 1/4” female outlet. Made in U.S.A.
Blow Guns
Lightweight sturdy body for added comfort and durability. Resistant to most automotive fluids and solvents. Variable flow trigger for precise air control.
Air Adjustable Valve with Gauge
Precise air control at the gun for best, consistent results. Impact resistant gauge and break resistant lens. Lightweight design that fits any professional spray gun. Inlet - 1/4” NPS (M), Outlet - 1/4” NPS (F). Gauge range: 0-160 PSI.
Air Regulator with Gauge
Prevents harmful pressure changes in the air line. Controls pressure at the tool. Incremental reading from 0-160 lbs. 1/4” female thread on both ends.
Aluminum Air Regulator
Increases or decreases pressure as required. Eliminates line pressure drop at the tool. 1/4” NPT male x 1/4” NPT female fittings.
   low life=cycle costs. Complete
  13" Bent Blow Gun Bent
// Blow Guns
      PART #
CAT1152 CAT1162 CAT1252 CAT1262
13" Blown Gun
     20" Blow Gun
   20" Bent Blow Gun Bent
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