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// Couplers & Plugs
1/4” NPT Blue Anodized
Swivel Fitting
Connects portable air tools to an air
line. Swivels 360° at two pivot points.
Lightweight, non-marring composite
construction. Industrial quality.
Thread size: 1/4” NPT. Attaches to tools such as nail guns, impact wrenches, air hammers, ratchets, and drills. Do not exceed 150 PSI.
Flexzilla® WHIP HOSE
1/4" NPT Integrated Swivel Fitting
Integrated M style air fitting
performs best with any air
tool not requiring higher
air flow (up to 35 SCFM). 360° swivel design makes maneuvering air hose much easier. Reduces hand fatigue by allowing air hose to hang freely. 1/4" NPT thread size. 150 PSI Maximum pressure.
Flexzilla® Pro Air Hose
Field repairable – reusable
anodized aircraft aluminum
fittings. Extreme all-weather
flexibility, even in subzero
temperatures! (-40° to 140°
F). Lays flat, no memory.
Superior bend radius. Spiral
bend restrictors. Kink resistant under pressure. Max. working pressure at 70° F: 300 PSI. Excellent abrasion-resistant outer cover. Includes spiral bend restrictors for increased flexibility. Reduces wear and tear, prolonging the life of the hose.
  // Hoses
     Increases longevity of the main
hose. Reduces user fatigue by
eliminating weight of coupler/
plug. Ball swivel increases
mobility in tight work spaces,
30° tilt in any direction. Improves
air tool ergonomics. Engineered
hybrid polymer air hose. Extreme all-weather flexibility. Temperature range: -40° to 150°F. Anodized aircraft aluminum ends. 300 PSI maximum working pressure. Excellent abrasion resistance. Reinforced bend restrictor. 3/8” sizes feature female NPT x male NPT ball swivel. 1/2” sizes feature female NPT x male NPT swivel.
  LMHFZ1405YW2B 1/4"
LMHFZ1202YW3S 1/2"
LMHFZ1204YW3S 1/2"
5 ft.
2 ft.
4 ft.
LMHFZP3825YW2 3/8"
LMHFZP3835YW2 3/8"
LMHFZP3850YW2 3/8"
LMHFZP38100YW2 3/8"
1/2" x 50 ft. Flexzilla® Air Hose
25 ft.
35 ft.
50 ft.
100 ft.
3/8" x 6 ft. Flexzilla® Pro Custom Length WHIP HOSE
Build a custom whip
hose up to 6 ft. in length.
Comes with high flow
ball swivel plug. Extreme
all-weather flexibility
(-40° to 140°F). Excellent
abrasion-resistant outer
cover. Superior bend radius. 300 PSI working pressure. 3/8" I.D. hose with 1/4" NPT fittings. Ball swivel rotates 360° at a 30° angle. Includes: 6 ft. Whip Hose w/ high flow ball swivel plug, Flexzilla® Pro reusable fitting and bend restrictor, 1/4" MNPT (LMRP900375).
Offers superior flexibility for tight
radius bends in both cold and
warm environments. Engineered
polymer-blend material permits
use in environments where general
purpose PVC and rubber hoses may
become too stiff. No memory, lays
flat. Kink resistant under pressure.
Extreme all-weather flexibility, even in sub-zero temperatures! Temperature range: -40° to 150°F. Maximum working pressure:
300 PSI. 3:1 safety factor. Excellent abrasion-resistant outer cover. Anodized aircraft aluminum fittings, lead free. Includes bend restrictors that reduce wear and tear, prolonging the life of the hose.
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