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   Bent Tip Blow Guns
Specially designed angled nozzle accesses hard to reach places. Ideal for cleaning applications. Ergonomically designed for better comfort and air control. High impact, insulated plastic handle has hang up slot. Lever action. Rubber nozzle prevents surface damage and is now permanently attached to prevent losing. Greater air flow. Operating range: 85 - 125 PSI. Temperature range: -20° to 160°F (-29° to 71°C). Air consumption: 9.8 CFM @ 90 PSI using 1/4” hose. Aluminum Air inlet (female): 1/4” NPT.
Adjustable Blow Guns
Designed to fit 1/4" coupler bodies. Adjustable air flow. Knurled nozzle and pocket clip.
CAT18601 CAT18603 CAT18605
Air CombTM
Thoroughly clean air filters, condensers and radiators from the inside out. Great for oval and cylindrical type air filters. Clean radiators
and AC condensers. Long-reach flush 90° multi-port nozzle. 5X
the volume. High-pressure multi-port output. Access hard-to-
reach areas. Extend filter life. Applications: Clean standard and washable air filter, radiators, condensers, and much more. Industries: Agriculture, construction, automotive, industrial, stationary, and others. Patent pending.
IP8051 24" Air CombTM IP8052 36" Air CombTM
1/4” Curved Brass Cleaning/Siphon Gun
Great for applying chemicals, solvents, oils, stains or degreasers. Will siphon approximately 7 ounces per minute and can be used with up to 120 ft. of siphon hose. Full cone spray pattern provides quick uniform coverage. Remove the siphon hose and now you have what may be the worlds finest blow gun. Features solid brass fittings and a 4 ply reinforced flexible rubber body. Comes with 8 feet of nitrile rubber siphon hose. Will operate without adjustment on any air pressure from 35 to 175 PSI, do not operate at less than 35 PSI.
Adjustable Blow Gun, Tru-Flate® design Adjustable Blow Gun, Industrial/Milton® design Adjustable Blow Gun, Aro® design
       PART #
TE99500 TE99510 TE99520
5 Piece Blow Gun Kit
4-1/2" Bent Blow Gun 10" Bent Blow Gun 20" Bent Blow Gun
         Lightweight, easy to control
blow gun made from high-
impact plastic. Rubber tips to
seal and clean cavities or bored
holes. Extended trigger length
on blow gun for variable throttle control.
4-1/2" Blow Gun Star Tip
1/2" Rubber Tip 1" Rubber Tip 1-3/8" Rubber Tip
                  Turbo Blaster Blow Gun
Quickly and effectively provides a high volume of air flow. Ideal for cleaning applications. Special nozzle uses side
ports to increase air flow.
Ergonomically designed for
better comfort and air control. High impact, insulated plastic handle has a hang up slot. Satisfies OSHA standards. Lightweight and lever action. Sound Level: 90.2 dBA. Airflow at 90 PSI: 16.5 CFM. Working pressure: 90-120 PSI. Maximum Pressure: 150 PSI. Temperature Range: -4° to 158°F. Air Inlet: 1/4" NPT Female.
Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 379

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