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Work Stand with Sling
Lightweight work bench with capacity of 500 lbs. Steel tubing construction with 1/2" foam padded top. Great for working on doors, fenders, hoods and bumpers. Adjustable height of 33" to 40" tall. Sling easily attaches with hook and loop fasteners.
Work Stand Extender
Extension tailored for long or wide bumpers, hoods and fenders that would normally be difficult to balance on a work stand. 3 way adjustable from 77.5” to 80” in length. Works on any tube design work stand. Bungee cord loop for tying down work pieces. Works on stand height settings of 30”-36” (or affixed with 5-6 chain lengths). Center hook separation distance: 24.5”-26.5”. Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs.
Universal Lift Support Clamp
Holds gas charged lift supports found on hoods, tailgates, hatchbacks and trunks. Securely holds weak lift supports in the extended position to allow access to the engine compartment or luggage area. Aluminum body prevents damage to the lift support.
Panel Tree
An adjustable stand that takes the frustration out of painting panels, hoods, and doors. Panels load easily and quickly. Center post design allows access to edge, bottom and both sides of the panel. Paint panels, jambs, and car all at one time. Save hours of dry time. Hold one or two panels securely. A total of six adjustable arms (three straight and three offset) to fit any size panel. Casters for easy mobility. Wide base for stability.
Hood Prop
Works on all makes of cars and trucks. Three-piece telescoping design allows the mechanic to hold the hood in desired position. Telescopes from 18-1/2” to 46-3/4”. Use from the side of car for better access to the engine compartment. Also great for body or repair work on doors, trunk lids, or hatchbacks.
Hatch Jammer
Allows body shop technicians to hold lift gate or hatch in a partially open position for sanding, painting or buffing, including being able to work
on the edges of the panel. Easily adjusts the work angle of the hatch door to a comfortable and secure position to repair and paint the outer skin of the hatch. Hatch doors are easily positioned by attaching the metal J hook end to the striker and latching the larger loop end of the extender bar to the door latch. Adjustable 11-1/2” slide bar gives up to
24” to adjust the angle and is secured by tightening the two adjustment knobs. Stabilizes the hatch for easier prep and painting of the outer skin away from the bumper and improves the visibility of the panel for the technician. Saves up to 10 minutes of set-up time by eliminating the need to continually adjust wooden blocks that shift during the repair operations, improving quality of work. Reduces back stress from bending over or kneeling to sand and buff the lower portion of the hatch.
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