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Sanding & Sand Blasting // METAL WORKING
6 Piece Dura-Block® Set
The perfect sanding tool. A favorite when blocking all surfaces. Durable, high intensity EVA foam. Follows contours or flat panels on any car. Comes with one bar of soap with built-in scrubber.
Double Density Sanding Blocks
Designed for wet or dry sanding. Two-colored sides: Dark Gray Side -
soft and pliable for sanding irregular surfaces; Light Gray Side - stiff for
faster sanding on curved surfaces. Dimensions: 2-1/2” x 5-5/8”. Package of 2.
Designed to sand almost any shape on materials
such as plaster, metal, fiberglass and wood. Use
with adhesive-backed wet or dry sandpaper.
Soft, rounded edges eliminate gouging. Super
lightweight and designed for comfort in any
position. Extremely durable and resistant to
most solvents. Tapered edges for sanding hard-
to-access areas. Corner-N’-CoveTM block with
its offset handle allows for a clear view of the
surface being sanded. Package of six blocks in
three different densities that vary in firmness, but are soft enough to be distorted or compressed into hard to sand places. Recommend using adhesive-backed 2-3/4” x 5” (70mm x 127mm) sandpaper.
Bottle Blaster
Use abrasives or liquids. One quart capacity. 15 CFM @ 80 PSI. 1/4” steel nozzle. Lightweight and portable.
50 lb. Bucket Blaster
Use dry abrasives only. Hose length: 7 ft. Tank Capacity: 50 lbs. Free standing open top tank. Maximum: 125 PSI. 7 CFM@80 PSI minimum. Steel nozzle size: 13/64”,1/4”, 5/16” (1 ea.). Air jet size: 5/64”, 1/8”, 5/32” (1 ea.). Blast time: 40 minutes. Container volume: 3 gallons. Minimum Air Volume: 7-15-20 CFM. Approximate abrasive capacity: 50 lbs. Lightweight and portable. Easy setup. Hose Size: 3/8” I.D. x 7 ft. Comes with hood and goggles. Height: 18”
TAAF4400 TAAF4401 TAAF4402 TAAF4403 TAAF4404 TAAF4405
Standard Sanding Block 1/3 Sanding Block
2/3 Sanding Block
Full Size Sanding Block Round Sanding Block Scruff Pad Sanding Block
               Tear Drop Sanding Block
Adds a rounded curve wtih a flat surface for hard to sand areas. Size: 1-3/8”H x 2-5/8”W x 11”L
Disk Sanding Block
Designed to accurately block
curved or flat surfaces. To be used
with 6” round paper. Uses 6” disk
PSA sticky paper. Size: 5/8”H x 2-1/2”W x 6”L
3 Piece Flexi-BlockTM Assortment
Flexible sanding bars
for detail sanding
applications. Constructed of a
dense yet flexible compound
that allows bending to suit
body profiles while maintaining
a firm and durable backing for highly effective sanding. Each bar measures 11” in length. Includes: Rectangular Block for flat sanding and sharp corners, Double D Block with radius sides for sanding inside contours, and Curved Block for complex body lines and details.
Rectangular Block Double D Block Curved Block
        Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 579

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