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Universal Emergency Brake Tool
Allows technicians to compress the emergency brake cable spring with one hand. Keeps one hand free for brake shoe arm or lever replacement.
Emergency Brake Cable Release Tool
Quickly and easily pushes the emergency brake cable out of the cable connector for rear brake service or replacement. Can be used on many domestic and import vehicles with an emergency brake cable at the rear wheels. Works on drum brake applications as well as vehicles with rear disc brakes.
Emergency Brake Cable Pliers
This set of angled pliers is heat treated and 14” in length to safely separate the mid-cable coupler from the cable end. Applications: Chrysler, Ford and GM light/medium duty trucks, vans and SUVs 1980-present.
Carbide Cutting Bits
“AMMCO-type” bits made of high quality grade carbide and guaranteed to perform up to OEM standards. Complete with screws.
Medium FLEX-HONE® for Rotors
Produce the ideal surface finish on disc brake rotors and flywheels. Last longer than abrasive pads. Produce a non-directional pattern. Lowers harmonic vibrations. Ideal for new or re-turned rotors and flywheels. Secure in a collet, chuck or similar holding device. Not available for import.
Rotor Silencer
“AMMCO-type” silencer made of high quality rubber and neoprene; reduces and suppresses chatter. For use on all rotors while turning.
Brake Caliper Wire Brush
Cleans brake caliper mounting
surfaces. Removes brake dust,
rust and other debris from brake
caliper castings. Brush is made
with heavy-duty steel wire and
is angled to fit into tight places.
Brush comes with molded handle grip for easy use.
Truck Pedal Depressor
Depresses and holds clutch pedals and brake pedals. The two-piece, telescoping tool extends to the pedal and locks in position. Brace the formed plate against the seat or the steering wheel for firm support. Tool extends from 18-1/2” to 34-1/2”
Pedal Press
Holds brake or clutch pedal in any desired position. Spring loaded column will follow brake pedal during bleeding operation. Allows one person to do jobs normally requiring two! Length: 29”, compresses to 24”. WARNING: Do not use on accelerator pedal!
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