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Extra Long Air Hammer Drift Set
This unique tool is designed to
remove long bolts that have
become frozen in place due
to rust and time. Examples of
these bolts are shock bolts &
suspension arm bolts. These bolts
are often too long for conventional
pin punches or tapered drifts to
push the bolt through a rusty
bushing sleeve. It is operated by attaching to an air hammer and has a 5” long driver section allowing easy removal of rusty bolts and long pins. Storage bag is provided.
2 Piece Truck Anchor Pin Bushing Driver
Pneumatic bushing
driver set removes
and installs truck and
trailer 1-3/8" anchor
pin bushings and
stuck anchor pins.
Includes an 11-1/2" long driver that allows bushings to be driven straight without removing the hub assembly. Double-sided cone snaps onto driver to drive out and install bushings. Use flanged end to install and tapered end to remove. Also removes truck leaf spring bushings.
Steering Wheel Lock Plate Tool
Fits domestic
lock plates,
including tilt and
telescoping. Tool
depresses lock
plate for easy
removal of lock
ring. Allows access
to steering column for repair work. Comes with standard and metric adapters, plus two puller frames. Works on vehicles with air bags.
Strut Alignment Level
Used to restore a vehicle’s camber setting after strut repair or installation. Allows technician
or customer to
safely drive the
vehicle before
a more precise wheel alignment can be performed. Also useful
for repairs on CV joints, ball joints and tie rod ends. Super strong magnet - mounts on brake rotor, spindle or steering knuckle. Easy to read, unbreakable bubble level. Camber settings from -3° to +3° for additional adjustment. Works on all vehicles equipped with MacPherson struts. Can remain on the vehicle during repair, or can be removed. Easy to use.
SLC11610 SLC11620 SLC11630
8mm - 5/16” Air Hammer Drift
10mm - 3/8” Air Hammer Drift
12mm - 1/2” Air Hammer Drift
           Pneumatic U-Joint
Quickly removes the U-joint Cap
from the drive shaft on most
rear wheel drive vehicles. Use
the driver with an air hammer
to remove U-joint caps up to 1-5/16” diameter. Prevents damage to drive shaft and axle shaft ears, when presses or chisels are used. On some vehicles, the U-joint is retained with plastic from the factory; the plastic must be removed prior to driving out the U-joint caps.
Universal Shock Absorber Tool
  Remove/install shock nuts. Fits most domestic models and some Ford OEM shock nuts. Place stem socket over shock stem. Hex nut socket fits the nut. Hold one, turn the other for removal.
LS20410 LS20420 LS20460
Double Ended Stem Socket Hex Nut Socket Stem Socket
        Use each tool properly. See page 688 for safety warnings. 533

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