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Utility Brush
3/4” power battery cable
end brush for drill. Quick disconnect. Use with pneumatic or any type of drill. Clean top terminal cable ends.
Top Post Battery Cleaner
1/4” steel shaft quick disconnect. 18mm post size. Bent tooth staple cloth at 70° bend.
Top Terminal and Battery Post Cleaner
Brush will not twist loose. Protective cover fits both ends. Clean top terminals and top posts. Great for any type of cable end. Ensures a great connection.
Top Post/Top Terminal Cleaner/Reshaper
Reshape positive and negative battery cable ends. Firm staple cloth removes corrosion from top posts. Ensures a great connection. Steel blades stay sharp. Protective cover fits both ends. Made from durable polypropylene.
Side Terminal Battery Brush
Clean away corrosion, and black insulation without removing the battery from vehicle. Small center brush cleans threaded area, while circular brushes clean contact area. Shines and cleans corrosion from cable end, including threaded area (with stud removed). Use 1/4” ratchet handle or air impact drill.
4-in-1 Battery Post Cleaner
Clean four different battery connections with one tool. Clean side terminal, marine, Group 31 truck battery posts and cable ends and standard top post. Saves storage space, time and costs while covering all of the above polishing jobs with one tool.
Battery Hydrometer
Designed to see the state of the battery acid. Temperature compensating. Obtain direct, accurate readings. Wide range: 1.100 to 1.300 sg. Unbreakable, easy to read, economical.
Battery Nut Pliers
Used to loosen or tighten battery terminal clamp nuts. Offset handle design for working in tight spaces. Serrated jaws for grip. Dual material grips for comfort.
Cable Shears with StepCut Edges
Induction-hardened cutting edges milled to a wavy form cuts with 40% less effort. StepCut leaves smooth edges without squishing or crushing the cable. Features pinch guard and bolted joint. Designed for stranded copper and aluminum cables up to 1/0 AWG.
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