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// Dial Indicators
0-1” Dial Indicator Set
For precise direct measurements. Powerful compact magnetic base. Furnished in fitted case. Range: 0-1”. Graduations: .001”
X-Proof® Water Resistant Indicator Set
Dust, water and oil resistant.
Magnetic base features fine
adjustment, 85 lb. pull, on-off lever
release magnet, V-base for placing
on round surfaces and has a base
dimensions of 2” x 2-11/32” x 1-13/16”.
Base also mounts test indicators
with 1/4” post. X-Proof® Indicator
offers 1” Travel, .001” reading, 0-10.
Continuous reading, tolerance
markers, AGD Group 2, 2-1/4”
diameter, lugback and carbide point,
a robust, shockproof design, rubber
bellows on stem, O-ring seal on safety cap, O-ring protection for bezel and rotating dial, and a sealed back plate.
Flex Arm Base and Dial Indicator Combo
Cylinder Bore Gage Set
Carbide anvils. Easy-to-read. Economical. Chrome plated handle. Easily adjustable. Insulated grip. Includes extension holder and fitted case. Range: 1.4 - 6”; Graduations: .0005”
FW72520757 Economy Disc Rotor/Ball Joint Gage Set
Checks ball joint wear and disc rotor runout. Meets requirements of all state inspection stations. All purpose gage can also
be used to check tire
and wheel runout, gear backlash, valve guide and camshaft wear. Indicator features 0-1” travel and .001” graduations. Flexarm can be rigidly locked in any position up to 12”. Includes shop-hardened case.
6 Piece Telescoping Gage Set
Self centering, heavy-duty. Checks slots, grooves, recesses, cylinders. Handles are up to 5-1/2” long. Consists of the following gages (ranges): 5/16”-1/2”, 1/2”-3/4”, 3/4”-1-1/4”, 1-1/4”- 2-1/8”, 2-1/8”-3-1/2”, 3-1/2”-6"
   Multipurpose tool with 12-1/2”
flexible arm which can be set
in any desired plane, great for
precision measurements on
engines. Base features an 85
lb. pull, on-off lever release
mechanism and V-base for
placing on round surfaces.
2-1/4” white face dial indicator
measures has 1” travel reading
in .001” graduations. Indicator has revolution counter and tolerance indicators. Includes: gage, contact tip, locking flexible arm and on/off magnetic base. Furnished in fitted case.
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