RF7121100 - RapidFixTM Dual Adhesive System

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Incorporates an instant adhesive and a welding powder, providing a combination that instantly repairs almost anything! The professional adhesive bonds most materials instantly, such as rubber, glass, copper, aluminum, steel and most plastics. The welding powder is used to repair all types of holes, cracks, gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like solder or welded joints. The dual adhesive system has a wide range of applications and can bond almost any material to itself or to another material. High strength, bonds in seconds. Will not dry out in the container. Instantly drilled, sanded, and painted. Dries crystal clear. Convenient, non-clog, nozzles allow for pin-point application of adhesive and welding powder. Adhesive activates by pressing parts together, removing the air, and creating the bond; wipe away any excess adhesive with a paper towel. Provides instant repairs for: Rubber (Emergency repairs to plumbing, seals and hoses; super-strong bonds quickly and easily), Wood (Repair furniture, doors, anything; dries instantly- apply, then fill, drill, tap, sand and paint), Plastics (repair breaks, splits and holes; adhesive dries clear; fix appliances, toys, sunglasses), Ceramic and glass (invisible repairs to ceramics, ornaments, and tiles), Metal (bond and fill copper, steel and aluminum; no need for soldering; no heat required), Fiberglass (boats, surfboards, etc.), and Hobbies (sports equipment, bikes, fishing, model-making).
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