Cornwell Scan Tools Help

The Scanner Planner is a dynamic tool designed to help you pick the correct tool.  

Use the small green arrows at the top of the search results section to change the sort.  You can sort by part number or list price.

The scanner planner has 4 selection areas:

Functions are those primary scan tool features that you need.

Other Considerations are those hardware based items you may require.  For example, you may want something that is PC based only.

General Capabilities are those general testing ares you want to cover.  For example, you may work on much older system, and you may want a tool that supports OBDI systems instead of just OBDII.

Enhanced Data Stream refers to manufacturer specific enhanced testing data that you may require.

Click on a suggested tool to go directly to the webcat page for that item.

Please Note:  The Scanner Planner will help guide your tool selection.  Features and benefits are a result of surveying the equipment manufacturer.  You may need to confirm you tool suggestion by further research.  Cornwell Quality Tools and the Authorized Cornwell Tool Dealer is not responsible for errors in the data that may result in an incorrect suggestion.