Cornwell Scan Tools Glossary

General Testing Capabilities

Auto/Light Truck - The most common scan tool application.
Heavy Duty - For class 6 through Class 8 over the road semi’s
Motorcycle - Scan tools for 2-wheelers!
Marine - Scan tool for boats.

OBDII Functions

The following functions make up the the OBDII specification.  Not all tools perform all modes.

Mode 01 - Readiness Monitors & Datasteam - Inspection & Maintenance monitors and generic scan tool data.
Mode 02 - Freeze Frame Data - Generic data that is captured when a trouble code is set.
Mode 03 - Read Trouble Codes - Read the trouble codes set in the vehicle.
Mode 04 - Clear Trouble Codes - Clears the trouble codes.
Mode 05 - O2 Sensor Monitoring - Sometime called an O2 sensor test.  Helps verify the operation of the O2 sensor(s)
Mode 06 - Other Tests - Vehicle manufactures can do anything they want with Mode 6.  Also called continuous tests.  This is where Ford puts misfire tests.
Mode 06 - Enhanced - Traditional Mode 6, but with the Scan Tool Manufacturers attempting to make it easier to read and understand.
Mode 07 - Pending Codes - Codes that are almost ready to be set. 
Mode 08 - Generic Bi-Directional Control - The basic ability to cause an action to happen with the vehicle.  Very limited.  See Enhanced Bi-Directional for more information.
Mode 09 - Request Vehicle Information - A way to recall the VIN number of the vehicle
Mode 10 - Permanent Codes/Recall Cleared Codes - Codes that have recently been cleared.
Clears All Trouble Codes from All Systems - The ability to clear trouble codes on all systems on the vehicle, not just engine and transmission.

Other Systems

OBDI - Software and hardware required to test vehicles older than 1996.  European and Asian coverage gets spotty with OBDI.
ABS - Tests the Anti-Lock Brake Systems
SRS (Airbag) - Airbag Systems
TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
Module Coding - Needed when replacing certain modules in the vehicle.
Anti-Theft/Key Duplication - The ability to duplicate a key.  Warning, coverage is highly variable.  Not all systems are supported.  Suggest you contact the Scan Tool manufacturer directly with specific questions.
Entertainment - Radio, CD Player, etc.
Environmental (HVAC) - Tests the Heating and Cooling systems
Reflashing (J2534) - The ability to reflash a module.  Needed to update the vehicles systems with new software, or install a new module.
Enhanced Bi-Directional Controls - Turn on lights, control windows as an example.  Used to help confirm the operation of various systems.

Service Systems

Reset Oil Lights - Used to turn off or reset “Change Oil” lights
Inspectional Interval Lights - Used to turn off other service lights other than Oil lights.
Electronic Brake Service - Works on vehicles with brake systems that require a scan tool to replace brake pads and perform routine brake service.
Steering Angle Service - Works on vehicles that require steering angle service after an alignment.

Physical Features

Monochrome Display - A Black & White Display
Color Display - A color display
Graphing Capability - The scan tool can display data over time in the form of a graph.
Touch Screen - You use a finger or stylus to control the scan tool.
Built In Printer - There is a printer built in to the scan tool
Uses PC Printer - The printer uses software in the tool or on your PC to print to your PC’s printer.
Records Data - Record data for later playback.
Video Out - Scan tool has a VGA connector you can attach a second monitor.
Wireless Vehicle Connector - Using Bluetooth or other technology, there is no wire from the vehicle to the scan tool
Multimeter - The scan tool includes a Volts and Ohms measurement.
Multimeter Amps - The scan tool has the ability to measure amperage
Expansion Modules Available - The scan tool manufacturer has other options available for this tool.
English/Spanish Languages

Internet Capabilities

WiFi Built-in - The tool has a wifi card built in to access your local wireless network
Ethernet Jack - A network connection to the tool.
Limited Browser - A browser that does not support Flash or other popular plugin’s
Full Browser - Internet Explorer that runs on a windows XP, or windows 7 platform.


Free Updates - Just what it means
Integrated Internet Updates - Updates are accessed within the tool.
PC Required - You need a PC to download or install the update
Subscription - You have access to any and all updates for a period of time, generally a year.
Annual Update - The tool is updated one time per year.
Irregular Updates - The tool is updated on a variable schedule.  Could be a couple of times per year, or it could be more than a year.  Typically tools with free updates are updated irregularly.

Diagnostic Help

This is help on finding problems with the vehicle.  What does the trouble code mean, wiring diagrams, etc.

Internet from your computer - The tool has no assistance built in.
Internet from Device - You can access the internet from the scan tool, but here is no built in help for this device.
Embedded Help - There is help built in to the unit in a fashion to help the technician diagnose a vehicle.

Enhanced Data Stream

This is manufacturer vehicle specific data stream information.  Typically the most desirable data and the most expensive for the scan tool manufacturer to obtain.