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PLATINUMTM 5-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTSPLF405KA - Atomic Orange CTSPLF405KB - Corporate Blue CTSPLF405KF - Graphite CTSPLF405KG - Neon Green CTSPLF405KMK - Matte Black CTSPLF405KMR - Matte Red CTSPLF405KMS - Matte Silver Gray
PRO SERIES® 6-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTSPSF416KB - Corporate Blue CTSPSF416KG - Neon Green CTSPSF416KO - Orange CTSPSF416KMK - Matte Black CTSPSF416KMR - Matte Red CTSPSF416KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$2,495.00 $2,995.00 Flip Top Cart with
Power Drawer
CTBF476KB - Corporate Blue CTBF476KG - Neon Green CTBF476KO - Orange CTBF476KMK - Matte Black CTBF476KMR - Matte Red CTBF476KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$2,695.00 $2,995.00 5-Drawer Sliding
Top Cart
CTBS355KB - Corporate Blue CTBS355KG - Neon Green CTBS355KO - Orange CTBS355KMK - Matte Black CTBS355KMR - Matte Red CTBS355KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$1,699.95 $1,999.95 CONNECT WITH US:
5-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTBF355KB - Corporate Blue CTBF355KG - Neon Green CTBF355KO - Orange CTBF355KMK - Matte Black CTBF355KMR - Matte Red CTBF355KMS - Matte Silver Gray
$1,699.95 $1,999.95
3-Drawer Flip Top Cart
CTBF353KB - Corporate Blue CTBF353KG - Neon Green CTBF353KO - Orange CTBF353KMK - Matte Black CTBF353KMR - Matte Red CTBF353KMS - Matte Silver Gray
Adjustable Mobile Tool Tray
CTBT30KB - Corporate Blue CTBT30KMK - Matte Black CTBT30KMS - Matte Silver Gray
Keep tools and parts organized at the worksite. 30" W x 21" D work surface features multiple compartments and openings
for long tool storage. The tray supports up to 75 lbs., features a full wrap-around bumper, and is height adjustable from 34.75" to 50.25". The rectangular-tube base features four swivel casters and is contoured to allow the tray to fit around vehicle tires and other obstacles.
$259.95 $299.95
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