Page 11 - September 2021 Promoitonal Flyer
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10K, 3-Stage Spot-RiteTM
Symmetrical Arms
Symmetrical column design. Spot-RiteTM3-stage arm allows positioning the vehicle doors in
front of or behind the columns. Adjustable width options. Includes (4) low-profile drop-
in adapters, (4) 3.5" extensions, (4) 5" extensions and adapter storage bracket.
ALI Certified. Max Rise: 76-1/4"; Required Ceiling Height: 144"
Swing Arm Tire Changer
Traditional swing arm tire changer for general service and mid-volume use. Dual table clamping cylinders with value-added specifications for protection of alloy wheels and outside clamping from 13”-24” wheels. Dual stage inflation system with safety limiter and bead sealing inflation jets built into the clamping jaws. Custom mount/ demount head features replaceable plastic inserts to protect wheels. Powerful, multi- angle adjustable bead breaker shovel loosens the most difficult tires and wheels. Requires compressed air and 110v, 50/60 Hz. Power Supply: 110V + Air; Rim Diameter (Ext.): 12”
- 24”; Tire Diameter: 44"; Max. Wheel Width: 15"; Turn Table Speed: 8-15 rpm. Made in Italy. Final assembly in USA.
Vehicle not included
3D Data Entry Wheel Balancer, Motorized
Space saving wheel balancer
with exclusive direct weight
placement. 3D inner data entry
arm uses Virtual Sonar and
AutoAdaptiveTM enhancement
software to provide a faster,
higher quality wheel balance
service. Eliminates the time
and hassle of caliper rim width
data entry. Motorized, fast
5-second average cycle time.
Multi-Function LED Display is
accurate with simple to use
interface. Electro-Magnetic brake holds the wheel for more accurate weight placement. Includes Quick Clamping Wing Nut. Power Supply: 110V, 1ph, 50/60Hz; Balancing Speed: 100 rpm; Maximum Rim Width: 20"; Maximum Rim Diameter: 30"; Maximum Tire Diameter: 36"; Max Wheel Weight: 165 lbs. Made in Italy. Final assembly in USA.

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