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   Power Probe® Temperature Kit
$34.95 $41.50
A dual-zone digital
thermometer with
a wireless remote
temperature sensor.
The remote temp
sensor can transmit temperature readings up to 195’ (60M) away from the base unit. Users can monitor temperature differences (ambient versus AC outlet, inside versus outside temps and more). Operating range and measuring range is -4o F to 158o F (-20o C to 70o C). It requires a pair of both AA and AAA batteries, with a battery life
of 400 hours.
wireless remote
Premium R1234yf Recovery, Recycle, Recharge Machine with Identifier $7,295.00 RAC1234YF
Service both standard
and high-voltage R1234yf
systems. Fully automatic
recover, vacuum, leak test
and charge. Long 12’ hoses
and large 3 CFM, 2-stage pump. Automatically refills the internal tank. Industry-leading 98.5% recovery efficiency Includes a free on-screen vehicle refrigerant and oil specification database, dust cover and 2-year warranty
Semi-Automatic R134a Refrigerant Recovery Machine $3,895.00 $4,694.95 RAC34288NI
Long 12’ hoses allow more
versatility and a 2-stage
vacuum pump provides
industry-leading efficiency.
Large, color multilingual
display. Includes free dust cover and 2-year warranty.
Fully-Automatic R134a Refrigerant Recovery Machine $4,995.00 $5,495.00 RAC34788NI
Automatically recover,
vacuum, leak test and charge.
Built-in UV and oil injection.
2-stage, 3CFM pump and long
12’ hoses. Background tank
refill and onboard hose flush.
Includes on-screen vehicle specification database, dust cover and 2-year warranty.
AIRLIFTTM Radiator Air Purge and Refill $209.95 $236.95 UV550000
Eliminates airlocks
in vehicle cooling
systems and refills the entire system in seconds. “Fits-All” cone adapter easily connects onto any vehicle, including cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. Rugged metal body design. Includes various size rubber adapters.
Air Powered Cooling System Pressure Tester
$199.95 MSM400K
Uses shop air to generate
pressure in a cooling
system. Adjustable
pressure regulator sets the
desired pressure. Pressure
blow-off valve prevents
over-pressurization and safe pressure release. Includes the four most popular cooling system adapters.
  Heavy-Duty Cooling System
Pressure Tester
 $169.95 $189.95 MSM300K
Pressure pump uses shop air to generate pressure in large truck cooling systems. Used to test pressure relieving caps found on large trucks.
   R134a Manifold Gauge Set
$159.95 $179.95 MCL89660A
System Adapter Kit
 Aluminum R134a set comes complete with 60” hoses and R134a manual couplers.
Vacuum Pump
MCL90059B - 1.8 CFM MCL90062B - 3 CFM MCL90066B - 6 CFM
Single stage. Includes: T-fitting with 1/4” Flare and 1/2” ACME ports and 3 inlet ports - 1/4”, 3/8” SAE and 1/2” ACME
$169.95 $199.95 $219.95 $259.95
$149.95 $169.95 MSM6000
Compatible with most cooling system pressure tester pumps. For large truck cooling systems.
Fluid Evacuator
$99.95 $113.87 NEMV7400
Vacuum is created quickly and efficiently by manual pump operation. Includes accessories for draining engine oil or transmission fluid directly through the dipstick tubes. Integrated 1.9 gallon
(7.3 liter) capacity reservoir. Maximum operating temperature: 175°F (80°C). Dimensions: 25”H x 7.5” diameter. Includes: fluid evacuator, 0.23” OD x 5’ long dipstick tube, 0.26” OD x 5’ long dipstick tube, 0.41” OD x 5’ long main evacuation tube, and tube adapters.
ATF Refill System
$354.95 $403.47 NEMV6410
Dispenses fluid to top-off
or re-fill sealed automatic
transmissions. Includes
10 adapters to connect to
Ford, Toyota, BMW, Honda,
Nissan, VW, Audi, Mercedes,
and Volvo transmissions.
Large 1.2 gallon fluid capacity. Fluid is dispensed under pressure for smooth continual flow.
Heavy-Duty Cooling
      Infrared Thermometer with
 Target Laser
$85.95 $98.95 MCL52224
Offers laser targeting
accuracy, enhanced back-
lit LCD display and an
expanded temperature range of -50°C to 500°C, -58°F to 932°F. Includes: (2) “AAA” batteries, instruction manual, dial thermometer and custom molded box
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